git pull (what now)

Question - i'm new to git - so Sorry for you git veterans

I notices that there were some changes piling up and also that AlephZero was renamed to AlethZero - so I decided (getting pretty cocky) - to attempt some updates. After reading up a little on Git and "getting the gist of Git" (sorry couldn't resist the pun), I thought I understand better the process of Git and GitHub.

So I did a git pull (from the ethereum directory) - pretty cool - lots of messages and stuff downloaded - including the renamed AlethZero, etc.

But - now - I don't know what do do from here. Also - will any next steps wipe out my "data" - like any keys (private) and blockchain related files (which blockchain wise - probably doesn't matter) - anywho - what are the next steps on the interative build or maintenance - do I remake ethereum? , do I remake cmake or qmake etc. AlethZero (or since it's been renamed - and the old source appears to be deleted - cmake, qmake AlethZero.

Where are my private keys? Do I need to save them - I make a second key with the CREATE button - but can't seem to find the "data" files.

Ok - so what commands after "git pull"?


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    Don't worry about the private keys. This is testnet, so it's actually better to delete them after a fresh build sometimes.

    The two following directories are used to store the extra files you need for Ethereum.
    Blockchain is stored in: ~/.ethereum
    Private keys are in: /.config/ethereum
    (Like I said it's best to delete them after every new build)

    The build instructions can be found here
    The instructions for Ubuntu (from HEAD) are probably best

    When there are new updates commit to GitHub you can do the following:
    (From the cpp-ethereum directory)

    git pull
    cd ../cpp-ethereum-build
    make clean
    cmake ../cpp-ethereum -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release

    -- You may want to remove the old cpp-ethereum-build directory if you still have a very old version.
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