so i've been mining for no reason?

yawnboxyawnbox Member Posts: 7
after 20% of my eth.coinbase account disappeared, i got a little concerned. and it looks like my mining for the past week has been a complete waste. now there are pools? and i have to contribute to someone else's pool to mine? some distributed project this is. at no part of the Frontier manual was there an email list or some way for whoever is running the show to inform me about such dramatic changes.


  • doge94doge94 Member Posts: 25
    Try mining with us at You don't need to run a full ethereum client just need an address. PM me if you need help setting it up.
  • OzdiggerOzdigger Member Posts: 25
    Why do all pools and coins allow for the capital pigs to gorge themselves !

    Cryptocurrency is about the people no?

    yet this coin is now out of reach of the home based miner!

    Is there not any coins out there for the people ! meaning restrictions on mining rigs of certain sizes at certain IP addresses etc must be away to make it a even playing field to support the end user and not the corporation greedy !!

    People create corporations and then the corporation feeds on the people, harvested !
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