New Ethminer giving worse results (SOLVED)

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Hey guys just want to get some info on this new ethminer i found to see what i can find, on a 780 ti I have been averaging around 16mh/s. I tried a new miner i found online and noticed a major hash drop. Now im not sure if this is because the old miner was displaying hashrate wrong. Or whether the postmaker altered the miner to take hashrate.

Original post. with 16mh/s

New post with 6-7 mh/s


  • InfernomanInfernoman Member Posts: 6
    NVM there it is -_- "The reduction of CPU usage may come at the cost of slight hashrate drop, but there is a command line parameter now that you can use to stick with the higher CPU load and get the slightly higher performance --high-cpu-load, so it is up to you to decide."
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    That's weird. Even without --high-cpu-load my non-Ti 780 pulls 17.5MH. 18.1 with low CPU load.

    That's THE cuda miner dev machine btw. Win7 x64.
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