Increase the number of connected peers


When I turn on geth --mine and wait several minutes, the number of my connected peers doesn't exceed 50, although my 'maxpeers' parameter is '250'... I wish I where like other monitored nodes, with 300 peers or more !

Could you help ?

Thanks !


  • ledgerwatchledgerwatch Member Posts: 57
    You don't really need lots of peers. I normally have 12, and it is sufficient. Of course, higher number of peers per node increases connectedness of the network, but it comes at a cost - your computer will need to verify everything that comes from 300 peers rather than from 12 peers.
    You might be worried about block propagation time, i.e. that if you mine that blocks will propagate faster when you have more peers.
    I was worried about it on the test-net, until I realised that in majority of cases when you managed to mine a block, you have plenty of time to get it propagated, i.e. different miners very rarely solve the mining puzzles at the same time.
  • ledgerwatchledgerwatch Member Posts: 57
    And, to actually answer your question - I did not find a good way to forcibly increase number of peers. You can add them manually one by one using admin.addPeer() function, but how do you discover their addresses and nodeIDs?...
  • urwaldurwald Member Posts: 6
    thank you for your help :-)
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