Looking for Ethereum Experts to answer questions on the Bitcoin Stack Exchange!

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I'm a moderator on the Bitcoin Stack Exchange. We've recently had a few questions about Ethereum, and it would be nice if experts could help users there as well. Questions specifically relating to Ethereum can be found by searching the "ethereum" tag, which is here:




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    Thanks Stephen, and welcome. If you could kindly direct these users to the Ethereum Area 51, it would be much appreciated, we're almost there! See: Ethereum Stack Exchange
  • StephenM347StephenM347 Member Posts: 2
    @StephanTual I did not know you were starting an Ethereum SE! I see that your proposal is gaining quite some speed, and wish you best of luck!

    However, I was wondering, whether you are aware that questions about all cryptocurrencies are on-topic on Bitcoin.SE (see our About). We do have a tag Ethereum with a few questions there already, and you would be welcome to add as many questions and answers as you'd like.

    If you are exclusively interested in Ethereum, you can receive E-Mail notifications by subscribing to the tag by hovering over its symbol and clicking the Subscribe link in the opening box.

    In case you were already aware of Bitcoin.SE also allowing questions about Ethereum, I was wondering why you'd rather not post there?

    Please tell me, if you have any suggestions what we could do to make you feel more welcome on Bitcoin.SE.

    Best regards,

    Stephen (mod on Bitcoin.SE)
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