GUI Recommendations (AlephZero)

Lets Post Suggestions/Recommendations for GUI enhancements Here


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    Ok - I'm sure there on many other GUIs we can model ourselves after (Bitcoin, etc.) - but here are some starters

    Use Color for reference and visual ques - for example - How do I "know" I'm connected ok - after 24 hrs - Fri am to Sat am "test" - I came to my Ubuntu 3.10 station and found my session still running - but I realized I was not longer "connected" to the test global network - number of peers was zero - tried to send wei - and nothing - no messages, etc. Another example - if our session is in mining mode - use Color to let us know we are mining - I dont' know if I'm mining and I'm constantly striking the mining button which goes a little dim - but not evident - no messages, etc.

    Use Color to show the transaction I SENT and another color for transactions sent TO me. Others - leave black on white.

    Copying and pasting my eth address was impossible from the field at the bottom of the GUI
  • comtechnetcomtechnet Member Posts: 57
    At the top of the GUI is the "CREATE" button - ask the user to confirm they want to create another address - before just doing it upon striking the button. I didn't really want to commit at this test phase to creating another address - but that brings up another question - what is my original private key - don't know where to find it - where it's located, etc. I don't recall the GUI or eth telling me what it was during the build or first start up
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