Trying to understand: eth_getWork and eth_submitWork

Hey guys im trying to understand the ethereum mining process.

1. Question:
eth_getWork gives this example output:

"result": [
And in this result there is the target part: DATA, 32 Bytes - the boundary condition ("target"), 2^256 / difficulty.

Let's say my miner is hashing at 20mh/s. How can i reqeuest Work which fits the miner speed or is it possible to replace the target with a new one based on the miner hashrate? When you can replace it: How to calculate a valid target (based on miner hashrate / miner difficulty) to replace it?

2. Question:
eth_submitWork requires this data:

params: [
Is this data a share or the solution for a block? If it is a share how can you determine the difficulty of this share?
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