Requesting help with an AlethZero key used for mining during Olympic

playingethereumplayingethereum Member Posts: 4
When I began mining on Olympic, AlethZero was the first client I got working, so I used it for quite some time. I eventually transitioned to geth and continued mining throughout Olympic.

My current problem is that I'm ready to do an A > B transaction to re-direct my AlethZero Olympic rewards to my current Frontier address, but I can only get the key to open in a specific build of AlethZero - and I cannot get that version of AlethZero to sync to a chain right now.

Here are the specifics:

OS: Ubuntu Trusty 14.04.3

AlethZero build:

About AlethZero PoC-9

This version of AlethZero will load my keys (stored as and, but it will not connect to any peers on the network so that I can sync and send a transaction. After some research, I am pretty sure that this client isn't what I actually mined on, just a lucky stab at a client that works. The build listed above looks to have come from June, but I started mining with this address in April.

When I build and launch other versions of AlethZero I receive errors like:

alethzero Missing key: ###### @######

then AlethZero crashes with a Segmentation Fault.

WHAT I NEED: I need to find a way to get these keys to work in a client that will allow me to send an A > B transaction. I assume this will be easiest with AlethZero, but any workable solution is welcome.

Any help would be appreciated.


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