Inter-subjective Smart Contracts for Professional Reputation

Hi Everyone,

First post. I am currently putting the finishing touches on a professional reputation system for oil and gas industry professionals. It's an inter-subjectively verified competency, achievement, training management and portfolio curation system for engineers.

We basically integrate Evernote API (for portfolio), Learndash (for training), Credly API (for badging) with social networking features like 'tagging' and 'verifying (instead of 'liking') with competency maps for a variety of different engineering roles.

Coming from the oil industry I'm going with what I know. But I originally envisaged it as an intersubjectively verified proof of 'human' work system embedded onto the blockchain, as a way to make professional reputation into a 'hard' digital asset. If peer verifications of competency were managed as smart contracts, it really democratises HR and recruitment and the ability for people to form decentralised professional organisations. It also makes competency much more transparent and allows young people to align their career, education and training objectives with the market much more congruently.

I'm starting out with a standard web application is a pretty standard industrial setting, but my longer term vision is to turn into an intersubjectively verified proof of work system for people as opposed to computers.

We've recently just agreed a partnership with a prestigious technology fund raiser to get this off the ground in the next few months, but I really want to get this idea out into the open where the Ethereum community can perhaps ponder over it. I've been keeping it inside for a year and a half but I feel now is the time to really bring this idea into the open.


Patrick Mockridge CEng MIChemE
Founder and CEO of


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