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This is a question that is very topical right now and its interesting to see everyone's opinions. Most cases all argue that assets and scarcity are the most important. With this programmable technology we are now able to something not possible before. We can program value flags to our transactions that will allow the users and ecosystem to benefit. I.e. Taking NSA technology but using it for good because it will be a voluntary user driven ecosystem. This way the positive shared values of participants can be measured, rewarded and fed back into the system.

Intellectual property is our most abundant resource and our valuable asset, It is the most importand facet of all disciplines, from the arts to science. Math based currency allows us to create the most valuable currency possible, just like BitCoin is revolutionary to the banking industry, ethereum can go further and revolutionize the intellectual property space. We suffer today with patent and copy-write laws that are not able to keep pace with technology. To facilitate collaboration, which has been the accelerant of our exponential advance in IT, new contribution models have been developed. While they have been of extreme benefit to the larger community it has been less generous to its creators and it makes sense that some sort of equitable balance should be found when rewarding IP our its quality is adversely affected. The open ledger lets us digitize ideas IP.

While programmable currency offers superior efficiency over all traditional ones, there are still several criticisms that should be addressed.

The main criticisms of math based currencies are: -

· What backs the coins

· How many coins are issued

· How the coins are distributed

We can addresses the issues above, while at the same time provide a protocol to measure the values that underpin the transactions occurring, by measuring their impact on the ecosystem we are ableto use of IP (intellectual property) to back or currency. This is measured by flagging value attributes to ideas, assigning these to transactions that occur in the block chain and then measuring them. By recording and analysing the various flagged attributes it is possible to understand the relationships between individual and collective values and rank them according to their benefit to the ecosystem.

Values through Values
I would like introduce work by Jerry Schuitema ” Value through Values” the power of giving in creating wealth. The book was published in 2007, in reaction to the problems he saw in corporate philosophy: - putting the value for shareholders above the value of customers. His arguments were vindicated a year later. Unfortunately the situation has not improved much but with the invention of math based currency we can change this.

The book focuses the relationship between transactions and values; there is a goldmine if conceptual models backed by filed studies and workshops. These models can be applied to the analytical tools that mine the block chain DNA. All we need to do is build the engine and the tools based on these models. Despite being written over 5 years ago its lessons and applications are more relevant today. Raymond Ackerman had this to say about the book:- “The way of the future, the whisper of tomorrow, this is what business colleges should be teaching …This pioneering work is not only timely but deserves to be read and studied by leaders and students in the years ahead” – Raymond Ackerman.

Having spent over 25 years in economics communication, Jerry has consulted with leading corporations in South Africa; he has studied Economics, History and Political Science at a tertiary level, and management at the Oxford Centre for Management Studies.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jerry for just over a decade. Jerry and I have been discussing how his work could be applied to math based currencies. I think the hardest elements have been accomplished, the publishing of his book with examples required modelling tools and the BitCoin protocol. We would like to assist others to achieve values driven economies/ecosystems and hopefuly develop a Values driven DAO.

Communication’s strength is in its developmental abilities, not in its ability to manipulate. Technology will only really serve us to the extent that we stay focused on the primary aim of interaction: the empowerment of the other. - Jerry Schuitema

If anyone is interested or care to comment I would appreciate your feedback.


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    Copyright and Intellectual Property can evolve thanks to the block chain and crypto currencies, that's for sure. The challenge now is to figure it out how to design a new model around it... it's gonna take time and effort, but I will be happy to imagine and envision new ways of enriching creative conscious creations.
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    please check out my paper. I have been working on this for a long time
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    Thanks Donal, I will read and get back to you shortly
  • TuskTusk Member Posts: 33
    Hi Donal, I sent you a pm not sure if you got it but I would be happy to hear your thoughts, thanks
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    I think you're both on the skype gen chat channel guys :)
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    Thanks Ursium will do
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    Ive been thinking along similar lines for quite some time myself, put some slides on slideshare about my thoughts on "value, values and purpose" about the relationship.

    I also noted that Michael Porter, strategy Guru joined the meme and published in HBR coining the term "shared values". Now winding forward to ethereum and yes its suddenly very interesting to think we are in a position to make the "shared value"more apparent and quantifiable or visible. Im not sure about the approach you describe in terms of adding flags to represent this. My initial thoughts were that some alt currency would pop up to represent various valuations for things that previously had little representing their inherent shared value. Solar coin was one example Im now seeing. Im more recently thinking that there is room for a meta currency of shared value currencys, essentially an altcoin that simply reflects and reinforces the value of alt coins representing specific shared value. It may use some algortihm or be based on human judgement about the relative merits to assign ratios eg solarcoins are 10: 1, whilst earthcoinis 3:1, it also would be similar to a green investment fund is soime senses, pulling together all those altcoins that represent positive shared value for our society.

    Ethereum maybe the best platform for such a altcoin, especially if it were able to easily reference the shared value altcoins riding on the ethereum blockchain

    Anyway glad to hear your ideas, the innovation aspect was new angle to me. Thanks for sharing, all the best, Mark

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    I really like how you've advanced your thoughts to this extent.

    If I may, money is an instrument put to use to help a civilization ensure it is performing well. How must civilization be enforced is a political debate.

    Personally I feel the initial shareholders are the foundation, and must be very strong. As

    [I Imagine a perfect currency would be used trustingly between people over the internet and not for gambling and playing the market.]

    A lot of members shall therefore have to be good at judging people worth investing in.

    Therefore the main focus is not the coin, but a good talent management strategy.

    I'm trying to put together a team of visionary bankers. That is of prime importance.

    If you're working on a solution, I'd love to give my feedback on the details required for

    a smooth implementation.
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    @SatCa to be frank, those are essentially generalities to an extent that it is off-topic.

    Intellectual property seems a particular subtopic, made a thread particular to it
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    @Tusk I think you might be referring to "Conscious Business: How to Build Value through Values " by Fred Kofman? This book was published in 2007. The book you mentioned was published in 2001 and seems to be out of print.
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