Sending Ether to Pre-sale Wallet

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Is it possible to send Ether purchased on an Exchange to a pre-sale wallet, or are these accounts treated separately somehow? If so, how would one do this? Is my address just the numbers next to "ethaddr" in the pre-sale json file, or do i have to add a 0x to it or something similar?



  • CabbotroNCabbotroN Ocean View, HIMember Posts: 36 ✭✭
    I am also looking for how to do this. I have the presale json file which contains my original ether, and I have some ETC I purchased on BITTREX. the ETC appears to be 1:1 with Ethereum, but apparently they have to be kept separate as ETC is just the coin? Oh and the ETH available on Kraken is the same as ETC? or is it just a matching value? UPDATE: the full instructions for how to upload your ETC to your ETHEREUM presale wallet are available here: I just transferred my ETC to my presale wallet by adding "0x" in front of my address, and got the authentication. Now to check my presale wallet's......confirming transaction takes 24 hours.
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    well it's been 24 hours...the shows my order, but it doesn't say sent yet. Hmm... "210 2015-08-12 20:30:08 ETCETHRedemption5TUB9HyBQ6acWbxPCz 16.38442855 0x007b9fc31905b4994b04c9e2cfdc5e2770503f42
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    Okay so my 6.38442855 EtherCoin still haven't been applied into my wallet. I'm glad I did this simple test, but no one so far has provided any insight whatsoever. I wonder why? should I blast this to the core dev team?
  • CabbotroNCabbotroN Ocean View, HIMember Posts: 36 ✭✭
    I just CC'd this to [email protected] maybe they'll help me out (but I doubt it will be until they're free...which'll may be after Homestead or Metropolis ;-)
  • CabbotroNCabbotroN Ocean View, HIMember Posts: 36 ✭✭
    well, I navigated the block explorer and it showed me this: "Not yet redeemed 16.38442855 ETCETHRedemption5TUB9HyBQ6acWbxPCz DUP HASH160 20:6e21...1523 EQUALVERIFY CHECKSIG"
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    I looked up your addr on my client, looks like the balance is:
    > eth.getBalance('007b9fc31905b4994b04c9e2cfdc5e2770503f42')
  • CabbotroNCabbotroN Ocean View, HIMember Posts: 36 ✭✭
    Yes that is from the presale. One ether was stolen from me on , Last year they said they were going to pay me 6 BTC for 1 ether. Well needless to say they stole my ether--which is why I bought some ETC and am trying to upload it into my ethereum wallet using the upload tool at which apparently is bogus because it doesn't work! Here's the proof if you haven't yet seen it, right on their blockchain: I thought we did a good job minimizing this type of fraud with the US dollar, making WTO and IRS regulations to prevent things like this from happening. Now days however, it feels like we're back to the old west.
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    I doubt that you'll be able to transfer eth back into your presale eth json wallet file because it's just an encrypted flat file containing information about the presale eth and not a wallet hooked into ethereum. I installed Geth, created a new account and then imported my presal wallet json file eth into my Geth wallet on local pc.

    You can also checkout - they have a way to load your eth presale json file and extract some eth to your Kraken wallet. Don't think it can work the other way round...
  • StephanTualStephanTual London, EnglandMember, Moderator Posts: 1,282 mod
    @riskneutral1024 Yes, it's possible. Just send to the address, then when you import the wallet it will create the matching key pair in your keystore and you'll have access to the extra funds.

    @CabbotroN : all pre-sale wallet issues should go to [email protected] where we have people dedicated to help with this.
  • CabbotroNCabbotroN Ocean View, HIMember Posts: 36 ✭✭
    Oh, so I will have two JSON files to import into GETH, then. In that case, I may wait for a non-developer build to be made before I even install GETH to import my presale wallet after my etc is converted over.
  • tayvanotayvano LAMember Posts: 20
    I'd you'd like to avoid command line, may I recommend
  • CabbotroNCabbotroN Ocean View, HIMember Posts: 36 ✭✭
    "tayvano" (as if that was a real person, who can't even capitalize her name): Sending me third-party wallet requests only further interests me in the fact that more and more 'wallet' sites are offering to 'harbor' my Ethereum due to the fact that there are major investors now labeling Ethereum as a form of next-generation currency for IoT. Why would I want to keep my ether in someone else's wallet, when it's currently safe with the founders of Ethereum?

    Only one reason: wallet companies (like myetherwallet) would rather be in control of my Ethereum. To that I say, 'No thanks.'
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