dappsforbeginners tutorial ported to Embark framework

troythtroyth Member Posts: 2
I was having trouble using Alethzero on my Mac (Yosemite) in order to complete the dappsforbeginners tutorials, but found Embark to be a nice development environment and was able to get some play with it. I think the Javascript API has migrated since the dappsforbeginners tutorial was written – I found issues with a number of the web3.eth function calls – perhaps it's different on Alethzero? Regardless, I've updated to a[n as of now] working version that I'm hosting on Github. I'll try to tighten up the comments and add instructions soon. The repo is here: https://github.com/troyth/embark-dappsforbeginners-demo


  • KenKKenK Member Posts: 44 admin
    Awesome! I am working on some new tutorials now so should have them available soon.
  • meetreksmeetreks Member Posts: 59
    Is Embark an IDE?
  • troythtroyth Member Posts: 2
    @meetreks I'm actually not really sure how to answer... in my opinion, it is sort of, but i'm not entirely sure what counts. It's not like Eclipse or another environment that will give you immediate feedback, autocomplete, visualizations, etc. But it is more than just a framework as it helps to stitch together your web files with a local private test chain. I see it as similar to Meteor, but I'm also not an expert there. I used it because AlephZero was throwing errors on Mac, and it seemed like a pretty lightweight way to figure out how to build a webapp on top of Ethereum that gave immediate and reliable results.
  • hughlanghughlang Member Posts: 1
    Looking forward to trying this out.
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