Quick Set up Guide For GPU Mining On Windows 10

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Made this guide of how i got Ethminer up and running Solo and on ethpool.org with 1xR9280X ~24-25MHS

1.Download ethereum C++ package most recent release. https://build.ethdev.com/builds/Windows C++ develop branch/ Its at the very bottom of the page.

2. Make an Ethereum folder somewhere. And move and install the Ethereum c++ file there.

3. After Ethereum C++ is installed, Open Ethereum C++ and look in the Release folder for AlethZero, Run this. Follow instructions on Creating a Master Password, Remeber this you will need it every time when opening Alethzero

4. Let AlethZero run and Frontier Gui will open, Click GO! top left and let the Blockchain download and sync up. Can take a few minutes.

5.While the block chain downloads we need to make a bat file to start up eth miner. Open a new text document and input the following for solo mining:

ethminer -G --opencl-device 0

Save as Anything.bat (all files) Put this Bat file in your Ethereum Release folder where AlethZero is.

For Pool Mining Use the Folowing:

ethminer -G --opencl-device 0 -F http://ethpool.org/miner/Replace with your Wallet address/24

To Check For you wallet Address Go to Release Folder and run EthConsole, Type web3.eth.accounts this will produce your wallet address,

6.Now hopefully the blockchain should have downloaded and you can see the latest block in the frontier gui. Now run The .Bat file you made and you should be mining away either solo or on the pool (when its up) lol

Hope this helps some of you enjoy, Donations Welcome of course as im an ethereum Newcomer ;-)


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