scriptioscriptio Member Posts: 5
This one seem to be more egalitarian that the rest of the cryptos. Any thoughts?


  • guakaguaka Member Posts: 18
    It's all very vague without much clear information about the coin. Where did you see it is more egalitarian?
  • shawnlearyshawnleary Member Posts: 20
    NEM coin is the most egalitarian coin yet. Funding has been non stop for weeks and being done very fair.
  • scriptioscriptio Member Posts: 5
    @Guaka - The fact that a common person has a equal chance at mining Vertcoin ( resistant to custom mining hardware) as opposed to mining farms which churn out BTC and LTC. I haven't mined vertcoin yet but like the idea though.

    @Shawnleary - With so many cryptos popping up each day, unless it has a definitive advantage, or a cause, it would be difficult to chase after each of them. Will look up NEM coin. Wonder what they have to offer.
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