Problems getting my ETH out of in AethZero

I updated my AethZero to latest version.
I claimed my presale wallet into AethZero default identity wallet (from what I heard that is file)

- I start AethZero, asks me for master password, accepts my master password;
- I can see the balance into my Default identity address;
- I try to send a New transaction - It says the password is incorrect for that wallet without asking me for a password;
- I try to export the key - it says the password is incorrect for that wallet without asking me for a password;

What can I do? I have the, There is no .json wallet in web3 folder.
I hope I did not lose my money :(

Please help me


  • playingethereumplayingethereum Member Posts: 4
    Have you found a resolution to this? I've been dealing with the same problem since Frontier launched. I did my initial mining on an AlethZero built from around May 19, 2015. I stored the and to claim Olympic reward later. I spent a long time working with AlethZero but didn't have much luck and eventually spent a lot of time building and testing about 20 different eth builds with different difficulty every time. At my peak, I was able to complete a transaction using eth, but the transaction was never picked up by the txpool. After 12 days of hacking on this I'm nearly ready to give up.

    - I generated the keys around May 19 with AlethZero.
    - I mined for a month after that, and sent transactions using the address successfully.
    - The old version of AlethZero will no longer send transactions, claiming the wrong password when none was accepted. Passing the password with --master on boot has no effect.
    - More recent builds of eth do not recognize the an
    - eth builds from July 1 (c5ffcad) and July 15 (267f7ce) successfully read the key and import the blockchain. Transactions can be launched, but they do not broadcast to the network, as evidenced by connected geth node that doesn't pick up the transaction in txpool. (I know this because I've mined through the whole txpool of 200 unmined transactions to make sure mine were ready to be picked up - they do not show up there.

    Here is the syntax I'm using to load eth:

    ./eth --olympic --master 'masterpass' --address 0xc8341bbc3418299fbae62bd8629ae00699cc84aa --sign-key 0xc8341bbc3418299fbae62bd8629ae00699cc84aa --console -b

    And to send the transaction:

    web3.eth.sendTransaction({from:'0xc8341bbc3418299fbae62bd8629ae00699cc84aa', to: 'FRONTIER_ADDRESS', value: web3.toWei(20, 'ether')});

    I get a transaction hash:


    This hash doesn't get picked up outside of eth. I can mine on the same machine and the transaction is never included.

    I am optimistic that the rewards are safe and can be claimed (the reward is substantial for me). I would appreciate any ideas.. after 12 days of hacking on this I'm completely out of ideas.

    I did learn one great thing - for testing purposes it is very helpful to run two machines side-by-side, one with geth and one with eth and ensure that they are peered, it makes things work more smoothly.
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