Couldn't connect to node on front end/browser

TibblesScribblesTibblesScribbles Member Posts: 3

I am running geth in one terminal window, in another i have my local grunt server running, serving up on localhost port 9000. Would i need to set the geth --rpccorsdomain to "http://localhost:9000" or the suggested "http://localhost:3000" from the documentation? As both are returning same error, that being:
Uncaught Error: CONNECTION ERROR: Couldn't connect to node http://localhost:3000, is it running?

From within terminal geth thinks it is running as expected, or at least i think so:
> web3.providers
host: 'http://localhost:8000',
HttpProvider: function (host),
IpcProvider: function (path, net)

But still nothing on front end :(:(



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