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Glitz or getto, what's everyone running? Specs, stories, photo's all welcome.

Though I've been a tech all my life. I've never build a GPU miner before.

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-MA770T (5PCIe)
CPU: Phenom II x4 925 (95W :( )
RAM: 4Gb DDR3 (that really cheap and crappy high density stuff that only works with AMD)
HDD: 250Gb Toshiba 5400RPM (pulled from a something mac)
PSU: Casecom 700W (cheap ebay purchase)
GPU 1: emTek GTX 750 TI (ebay purchase for about $80!)
GPU 2: Gigabyte GTX 750 OC Low Profile (got it when they first announced GPU mining. Been sitting in my nanoITX PC until about a 2 weeks ago)
GPU 3: Galaxy GTX 750 TI Slim (another low profile card I got today. Another two on order)
GPU 4: Galaxy GTX 750 TI Slim (not yet arrived)
GPU 5: Galaxy GTX 750 TI Slim (not yet arrived)

Case: Non existent. (OK, yes that is a bit of wood with 2 GPU's screwed to it and a third resting on top)
Currently hashing at 24.2MHs (9 + 9 + 6.4). Expecting 42MH with all 5 GPU's.
Currently 323Watts at the wall. Expecting ~440W with all 5 cards.
Total Cost: $1100AUD

Future plans.... I love the low profile 750 Ti's. They're tiny, they're cheap brand new. Only 60W from the MOBO so no Molex! Yet they're one of the highest hash efficiency cards going. I want to order another 2 Galaxy 750 Ti slims to replace the emTek 750Ti and the Gigabyte 750 OC (which will go back into my PC and probably do some farm duty).

Post POW? I figured I'd probably just sell off components, but then, surely there's other work to be had.... like Golem?

I also have a 25W Athelon II X2 170U which took much longer than estimated shipping to get here (so I got my money back) But as ethminer is already using over 200% ( >2 cores) on the 925 I'm pretty certain it'll be too under powered.

I had also landed a cheap R9 270X but trying to run Radeon and Nvidia made a huge mess of things so I resold it for a profit.



  • mikkaaamikkaaa Member Posts: 34
    Besides running a single 280x.

    I ordered asrock h61 btc motherboard to build a multi-gpu rig: Pro BTC/?cat=Specifications

    Think I will choose between 3-4 units of GeForce GTX 750 Ti, R9 270 or 280x, with 4 gb ram, cheapest intel celeron and cheap HDD.

    A newbie question.. Where's the ON/OFF button on your rig, if you don't have a case?

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    This is still my test rig. I will be adding another mobo and all those cards will be running shortly. Now i just have to see if i have enough capacity at the breaker to keep my antminers running. :smiley:

    Running about 53MHS with 3 underclocked r9270xs on a gigabyte 990 mobo.

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    *flips shades on* We won't be needing antminers where we're going...
  • roz303roz303 Member Posts: 66
    mikkaaa said:

    Besides running a single 280x.

    I ordered asrock h61 btc motherboard to build a multi-gpu rig: Pro BTC/?cat=Specifications

    Think I will choose between 3-4 units of GeForce GTX 750 Ti, R9 270 or 280x, with 4 gb ram, cheapest intel celeron and cheap HDD.

    A newbie question.. Where's the ON/OFF button on your rig, if you don't have a case?

    I'm actually doing the same. Bought a 2.8ghz intel CPU. Deciding to go diskless with a ubuntu flash drive and a wifi dongle. And I bought a replacement switch from newegg along with my build purchase. Gonna put it all in a milk crate or something XD
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    @mikkaaa, There's a switch on the PSU. I have BIOS set to power on as soon as there's power.

    @3l33t4dm1n. Hmmm, better call your ex. She's left her cello behind ;) And what in glod's is that thing you managed to take down with a bean bag? Some kind of sentinel I reckon ;)
  • 3l33t4dm1n3l33t4dm1n Member Posts: 7
    LOL carbon charcoal air filter. i have 4 cards running now. in the middle of moving so i dont plan on making it look pretty at this point. Surprisingly not my EX, we are still together after all the bitcoins and altcoins. Actually this is her rig. mine isn't put together yet. Have to wait to move to a place with better power. Here's a picture of the C&C and updated picture of the miner. BTW i highly recommend an air filter like that. they cool your rigs and filter all the dust that kills the fans.
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    Does the S3 still ROI against electricity + cooling? Turned mine off for the summer.

    Here's a friends rig. "Does brick conduct electricity?" No... but let's talk about the plastic lid...

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    @subtly are you sure he didn't just drop a load of miners, wires and a motherboard on the floor?
  • 3l33t4dm1n3l33t4dm1n Member Posts: 7
    yeah those s3+ still makes good money even after cooling, enough to keep it running for the next 6-12 months it seems. That all depends on the price per kwh and what pool you mine as well, and also the impact the SFARDS and the next gen chips make.
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  • davethetrousersdavethetrousers Member Posts: 46

    Ya'll need to tidy up your mining rooms some more.

    Behold the super tidy software-only rig:

    qemu-system-x86_64 -nographic -enable-kvm -M pc -m 6192 -cpu host -smp 6,sockets=1,cores=4,threads=6 \ -L ~/ovmf/ -pflash ~/ovmf/OVMF_virtx.fd -hda fat:/home/dave/ovmf/hdacont/ -hdb /media/SSD/virtx.img \ -vga none \ -device vfio-pci,host=02:00.0 \ -device vfio-pci,host=02:00.1 \ -netdev tap,id=hostnet0 -device rtl8139,netdev=hostnet0,id=net0 \ ;

    SCNR that mini-trollage o:) . Yes, this is an all-EFI VM with GPU passthrough. Bus address 02:00.0 is my voltage-optimized 280x card.

    This way, I have the software side of things nicely encapsulated which keeps things in order. But as I regard Eth as bleeding-edge at this point, it also allows for quick-and-dirty fixes, if need be.
  • dangerousbeansdangerousbeans Member Posts: 2

    Fired up last night at around 24 Mh/s
    Pretty old motherboard I got for free. Intel Core 2 Due CPU, 4 gigs of DDR3, 450w PSU (!)

    It smells of burning a bit but seems to maintain 60C on the card. CPU is under around 3% load unless DAGing, then it's under 99%
  • mikkaaamikkaaa Member Posts: 34
    Will the sensonrs have auto-off switch if they detect owerheating?

    Wondering if its safe to leave gpu-rig on while not at home.
  • sphinxsphinx Member Posts: 18
    Motherboard will force shut down when GPU temp goes over 90Celsius.
  • o0ragman0oo0ragman0o Member, Moderator Posts: 1,291 mod
    @AKEtherMiner, great skateboard! what are the 18 (?) GPUs you've got in there? Also interested in hearing about your electricals.
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    @AKEtherMiner WoW!!!! How much HashRates?
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    I have over 100C mining from launch and no problems... I had peaks over 120C but currently a big home fan is blowing focused directly to the gpu and the temp stabilised at 107-110C

    Two posibilities, or gpu-z is not accurate reporting or those gpus are made of valyrian steel xD

    I7 4790/ 16GB DDR3/ R9 280x 3072MB

  • arcaderomarcaderom Member Posts: 4
    you are all crazy vrm on 120c it won't last long
  • AKEtherMinerAKEtherMiner NorthMember Posts: 2
    @o0ragman0o They are Radeon 7950s, undervolted and overclocked. It's my old LTC mining setup from the pre-ASIC era.

    There are actually 20 GPUs total. Each set of 4 GPUs is on its own 15amp 240v breaker in a the subpanel assembly, which is then plugged into its own 100amp 240v service with a 0 AWG 4 conductor cord and a twist-lock domestic dryer plug. The entire thing used to draw around 6KW (at the wall) mining LTC. It's drawing around 2.8KW mining ether.

    @cpplover Getting around 15MH per card, 300MH total
  • ScosaScosa Member Posts: 1
    This is my mining rig, 6x R9 280x en 2x HD7950, hashing around 190-200 MH/ cost +/- €2350,- (1 rig around €1500 , all new stuff, second rig all used stuff), casing self made from aluminum 2mm, OS Ubuntu 15.04

  • frequencyfrequency Member Posts: 15
    Nicest and cleanest setup sofar, good job taking it to this level... :)
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  • wanted22wanted22 Member Posts: 4


    R9 290x
    2x HD 7990
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    i ready don want show my miner in there,but i have some advises to new people, if you don want full time job on mine and you must control risks on mine, don investment very big money on it better,mining will be waste time and waste your life. i mine around four years ago. maybe it's good advises to u.

    repair big fans in my sapce

    i got 200pcs of 7970, and 200pcs of 290, 150pcs of 280x, around 100 of 750ti due now, i survey of R300 GPU longtime ago, maybe later. i need consider value of GPU and risks in the market. however, i don want play FPGA miner, i know some people play it, FPGA threat between with GPU mienr. maybe you know what happen in the market.
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    Damn, so I know where my hashrate ran off to. But, y'know, I like being poor, there is so much more certainty in it. ;)
    My rigs are off for the moment, too inefficient at the current market value not helped by 70MHs of cards not being sent by ebay sellers.... :(
  • davidrentaodavidrentao Member Posts: 60
    just said keep your cards, if you got skill on algo rewrite,maybe you can faster earn more profits.maybe better than other people.
  • GenoilGenoil 0xeb9310b185455f863f526dab3d245809f6854b4dMember Posts: 769 ✭✭✭
    There's hardly any (or simply no) room for optimization left in the algo. The algo is memory bound, meaning its speed depends on the memory bandwidth between GDDR5 and GPU.. Achieved bandwidth for an optimized kernel will never reach 100%. But say, 80% is pretty good. Let's look at the GTX750Ti you've ordered. Great cards btw, best Mh/W/s for eth now. Maximum theoretical bandwidth = 86,4GB/s. Per hash, 8KB is transferred from GPU RAM to the GPU. So 86.4GB / 8KB = 10.8MH/s. Current GTX750Ti speed is 8.7MH, so that's 81% of max. bandwidth. With 15% of hashing time spent on Keccak (no memory access) and 85% on dagger (lots of memory access) and Keccak already squeezed out to the max, I think I've made my point. AMD same story btw. Spent a full week on a private kernel job but bailed out. Only got Keccak a teeny bit faster but only separate from Dagger. Any improvement is in your ahnds now. Overclock and undervolt!

    BTW FPGA is no threat to ETH. There is no product that can use high bandwidth GDDR5 RAM like your average GPU. With a about 18 months left for ETH GPU mining, there's no way somebody is even seriosuly considering FPGA.
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