Frontier Mining Setup Notes (Ubuntu 15.04/Geth v1.0/AMD/Ethminer)



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    dlehenky said:

    @dance191 Yep, sounds like a driver issue to me. Don't use the Crimson drivers. Do a search for: fglrx-core_15.201-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb and fglrx_15.201-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb. They are stable and work great. Make sure you remove all fglrx driver packages before installing these. And you do not need to install the APP-SDK from AMD. All it seems to do if muck up the library links. The driver packages above contain the OpenCL libraries you need. The only reason to install the APP-SDK is if you're building from source, but even then, all you need is the OpenCL header files. HTH

    -Best Care

    The drivers that you mentioned here, will this work in ubuntu 14.04.04? thanks
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    @blitzcool Yes, I run Ubuntu 14.04 and those are the drivers I use.
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    If i already installed the APP-SDK before knowing that it messes up something, how do I remove APP-SDK short of reinstalling the whole thing. And if reinstalling the whole thing (hopefully, not the whole OS), which directory (ies) has to be removed?
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    @Biodom Are you having problem?
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    Not to my knowledge, however, I am getting much less that expected on ethminer+geth solo, so i am switching to qtminer/ethpool first, then will try eth-proxy, but i never seen a good writeup how to set eth-proxy on Linux (there are some pretty good setups for Windows).

    On ethminer+geth I got one block and two uncles in 5 days with ~160 mh (~12.5 Eth instead of 18.5). I know that it is "chunky", but I was surprised to get more uncles than blocks. This is strange and probably indicates some connection weirdness.
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    @Biodom If things are running OK, I wouldn't mess with the SDK. Solo with that low a hash rate is going to have a lot of variance in the time to mine a block. Have your seen the sister pool, ether I think it may be better suited to your rig size. When you download eth-proxy for linux and unpack it, there's a read file to install it. It's very straightforward. You'll need to do a "sudo apt-get install python-twisted", check your configuration file (eth-proxy.conf) to ensure the setting are what you want, and run it. In the .conf file, you probably want to set "ENABLE_WORKER_ID = True", "MONITORING = True", and "MONITORING_EMAIL = "Your_Email_Address". Don't forget to set your wallet address and set the servers/ports to the ones you prefer. I also set "LOG_TO_FILE = True" to get the logging messages into a file (your_install_directory/log/proxy.log). Here's a script I use to start it:



    (cd $DIR; nohup python ./ > /dev/null &)
    sleep 1
    echo "eth-proxy started: pid = `cat $DIR/*.pid`"
    exit 0


    Note that I unpacked the eth-proxy download into "/home/joe/bin/prox-v5" on my machine, so change that in the script to match your install directory. Do a "chmod 755 your_script_filename" to make whatever filename you choose for the script to be executable. It will run in the background, without any terminal output, and the logging will go to the file I mentioned above.

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    @dlehenky Much thanks to the eth-proxy instructions.
    So, it shouldn't go into home directory, but rather in some sub-directory?
    I don't even know how to save a script-but i got something by googling.
    Is this something called shell script?
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    2 Yep, shell script. Normally you'd create a "bin" (for binary) directory under your home directory (mkdir bin) for your local scripts and such. I installed eth-proxy under "bin", since it has a bunch of other associated files and sub-directories. I put the startup script, which I named "sep" (start eth-proxy) in bin. If you add "$HOME/bin" to your PATH environment variable (assuming it's not already there), then anything executable in your "bin" directory can be run from whatever directory you are currently in.
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    dlehenky said:

    @Brossinger It really depends on how you are connecting to the pool you are using. Are you using a stratum proxy connection (eth-proxy)? You need to supply more information in order to answer you're question. Details matter.

    I don't use proxy. Connection with router. DHCP
    sudo ethminer -G -F[email protected] [email protected] name
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    Hi. I have problem. Connect Radeon r9 390x 8 gb. with PCIE x1 to PCIE x16 all installed sucsessful. I begin mining end have next problem.

    miner 16:52:30.569|ethminer Getting work package...
    miner 16:52:30.959|ethminer Grabbing DAG for #17a7217f…
    Creating DAG. 100% done...miner 17:02:07.259|ethminer Got work package:
    miner 17:02:07.259|ethminer Header-hash: d0485c0dbf0cb8b0aa9b0dc8b75872d89bd489341f262f860092a995307d47f9
    ℹ 17:02:07.259|ethminer Loading full DAG of seedhash: #95d53b63…
    miner 17:02:07.259|ethminer Seedhash: 17a7217f2673ce6267021cc82e7b328a755f010d6741bde6c25d3c2b0373e989
    miner 17:02:07.259|ethminer Target: 0000000021ef7fd0e46bd0648a9e6e0edb6734fc4b51a0aeea263471130b3ff1
    ℹ 17:02:07.260|gpuminer0 workLoop 0 #00000000… #17a7217f…
    ℹ 17:02:07.260|gpuminer0 Initialising miner...
    miner 17:02:07.760|ethminer Mining on PoWhash #d0485c0d… : 0 H/s = 0 hashes / 0.5 s
    [OPENCL]:Using platform: AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing
    [OPENCL]:Using device: Hawaii(OpenCL 2.0 AMD-APP (1800.11))
    miner 17:02:13.191|ethminer Got work package:
    miner 17:02:13.191|ethminer Header-hash: 96d302ea3fa7d65d76d8748c02d68f15b4bc7b0ca9bfada24aeeaaf362acb723
    miner 17:02:13.191|ethminer Seedhash: 17a7217f2673ce6267021cc82e7b328a755f010d6741bde6c25d3c2b0373e989
    miner 17:02:13.191|ethminer Target: 0000000021ef7fd0e46bd0648a9e6e0edb6734fc4b51a0aeea263471130b3ff1
    [OPENCL]:Printing program log
    [OPENCL]:Creating one big buffer for the DAG
    [OPENCL]:Loading single big chunk kernels
    [OPENCL]:Mapping one big chunk.
    [OPENCL]:Creating buffer for header.
    [OPENCL]:Creating mining buffer 0
    [OPENCL]:Creating mining buffer 1
    ℹ 17:12:00.712|ethminer Full DAG loaded

    Who can help? And system stoping and I must reboot. What must I do?
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    Hello, I want to try out eth mining. I have a headless linux machine and I sticked an R7 370 into it.

    Any hints on how to make the gpu active considering no display is connected?

    ethminer -G -M

    gives me:
    No protocol specified No protocol specified No GPU device with sufficient memory was found. Can't GPU mine. Remove the -G argument


    gives me this:

    Error: unable to open display (null)

    I have to say this eth mining is not as straightforward as other coins :)

    Any help would be appreciated
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    I have a 290 and a 390 mining away happily but I would love to be able to change fan speeds and monitor temps. Except when I run sudo aticonfig --adapter=0 --od-gettemperature I get:
    ERROR - X needs to be running to perform AMD Overdrive(TM) commands
    When I run sudo DISPLAY=:0.1 /usr/bin/aticonfig --pplib-cmd "set fanspeed 0 60"
    ati_pplib_cmd: Unable to open display `:0.1'.
    /usr/bin/aticonfig: parsing the command-line failed.

    I installed gnome and it turned into a nightmare with no protocol magic errors. I tied to enable autologin but I ended up just uninstalling Gnome and everything we back to happy town.

    What can I do to get X running without magic errors?

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    @DividesByZero It's "DISPLAY=:0", not :0.1. You can also install "atitweak", which is less of a pain than aticonfig for some things, like fan control, but it may not be able to set your core and memory clocks or undervolt, depending on the GPU.
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    Posting here so I can look at this in the morning. Looks great.
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    dlehenky said:

    @DividesByZero It's "DISPLAY=:0", not :0.1. You can also install "atitweak", which is less of a pain than aticonfig for some things, like fan control, but it may not be able to set your core and memory clocks or undervolt, depending on the GPU.

    I am not sure I am following you.

    sudo aticonfig --list-adapters
    * 0. 02:00.0 Supported device 67B1
    1. 03:00.0 Supported device 67B1
    2. 04:00.0 Supported device 67B1
    3. 05:00.0 Supported device 67B1

    * - Default adapter
    DISPLAY=:0.0 /usr/bin/aticonfig --pplib-cmd "set fanspeed 0 65"
    PPLIB command execution is Successful!
    DISPLAY=:0.1 /usr/bin/aticonfig --pplib-cmd "set fanspeed 0 65"
    /usr/bin/aticonfig: This program must be run as root when no X server is active

    I am having a lot of grief with this x stuff. I do not have a monitor connected and VNC is coming up grey. Thoughts?

    Came across a post and I thought I would give it a try and it seemed to highlight my issues with the other cards...

    export DISPLAY=:0
    xhost +
    access control disabled, clients can connect from any host
    aticonfig --adapter=all --odgt

    Adapter 0 - Supported device 67B1
    Sensor 0: Temperature - 72.00 C
    ERROR - Get temperature failed for Adapter 1 - Supported device 67B1
    ERROR - Get temperature failed for Adapter 2 - Supported device 67B1
    ERROR - Get temperature failed for Adapter 3 - Supported device 67B1
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    To get rid of ERROR - X needs to be running to perform AMD Overdrive(TM) commands message do following commands (add to guide presented on this site) :

    sudo apt-get install nano build-essential gcc make cmake mc python-dev subversion git bzip2 unzip xorg

    sudo mkdir /etc/mining
    nano /etc/mining/xinit

    Paste following code to /etc/mining/xinit

    # standard functions library
    . /lib/lsb/init-functions
    # Start the xinit
    start() {
    # Start xinit on background and redirect stdout and stderr to log file
    echo "Starting xinit"
    xinit &> /var/log/xinit.log &
    # Restart the xinit
    stop() {
    echo "Stopping xinit"
    killall xinit
    ### main logic ###
    case "$1" in
    status xinit
    echo $"Usage: $0 {start|stop|restart|reload|status}"
    exit 1
    exit 0

    sudo chmod +x /etc/mining/xinit
    sudo ln -s /etc/mining/xinit /etc/init.d/
    sudo update-rc.d xinit defaults 90
    sudo /etc/init.d/xinit start

    export DISPLAY=:0
    echo export DISPLAY=:0 >> ~/.bashrc

    And last, and most important step:
    After mining some Ethers, send some to following address to have good luck in mining :)

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    I tried many times by set any parameters,ethminer always failed.
    Now,I use "ethminer --opencl-platform 1" command,it works now.

    The console shows like:
    C:\Program Files\Ethereum 0.9.41\Release>ethminer --opencl-platform 1
    miner 14:29:25|main Getting work package...
    miner 14:29:25|main Grabbing DAG for #dc5ebd0b?
    i 14:29:26| Loading full DAG of seedhash: #9336adfd?
    miner 14:29:26|main Got work package:
    miner 14:29:26|main Header-hash: a027e6c7bb3ab87e18cee45b82bf08c381a32629e5b251784d1ff369f12d5135
    miner 14:29:26|main Seedhash: dc5ebd0b5d7d952125aae1c58ca4abd1d7b4b5acd0c4ca307af5dddd52dff161
    miner 14:29:26|main Target: 0000000000041d0b9bce9e40843249e8170e77552dc54fa0b9dedb3c3731d22c
    miner 14:29:27|main Mining on PoWhash #a027e6c7??: 0 H/s = 0 hashes / 0.5 s
    i 14:29:28| Full DAG loaded
    miner 14:29:28|main Mining on PoWhash #a027e6c7??: 211414 H/s = 216700 hashes / 1.025 s
    miner 14:29:30|main Mining on PoWhash #a027e6c7??: 660625 H/s = 1541900 hashes / 2.334 s
    miner 14:29:31|main Mining on PoWhash #a027e6c7??: 683493 H/s = 356100 hashes / 0.521 s
    miner 14:29:31|main Mining on PoWhash #a027e6c7??: 660571 H/s = 346800 hashes / 0.525 s
    miner 14:29:32|main Mining on PoWhash #a027e6c7??: 684952 H/s = 359600 hashes / 0.525 s
    miner 14:29:32|main Mining on PoWhash #a027e6c7??: 673653 H/s = 350300 hashes / 0.52 s
    miner 14:29:33|main Mining on PoWhash #a027e6c7??: 683773 H/s = 362400 hashes / 0.53 s

    In fact,I don't know why it works.Anyway,share this to all of you.

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