Geth client failure to load genesis block

after computing the genesis block:

Stefanos-MacBook-Pro:Ethereum stefano$ ls -l
total 2000
drwxr-xr-x 5 stefano staff 170 Aug 1 18:40 caches
-rw-r--r-- 1 stefano staff 1010850 Aug 1 18:41 genesis_block.json
-rw-r--r-- 1 stefano staff 10628 Aug 1 16:26

I used instructions in

and invoked the following command

geth --genesis path/to/genesis.json console

This resulted in the following error message:


Stefanos-MacBook-Pro:Ethereum stefano$ geth --genesis path/to/genesis.json console

Welcome to the

Incorrect Usage.

geth [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]


blocktest loads a block test file
makedag generate ethash dag (for testing)
version print ethereum version numbers
wallet ethereum presale wallet
account manage accounts
dump dump a specific block from storage
console Geth Console: interactive JavaScript environment
js executes the given JavaScript files in the Geth JavaScript VM
import import a blockchain file
export export blockchain into file
upgradedb upgrade chainblock database
help Shows a list of commands or help for one command

--identity Custom node name
--unlock Unlock the account given until this program exits (prompts for password). '--unlock primary' unlocks the primary account
--password Path to password file to use with options and subcommands needing a password
--bootnodes Space-separated enode URLs for p2p discovery bootstrap
--datadir "/Users/stefano/Library/Ethereum" Data directory to be used
--blockchainversion "2" Blockchain version (integer)
--jspath "." JS library path to be used with console and js subcommands
--port "30303" Network listening port
--maxpeers "25" Maximum number of network peers (network disabled if set to 0)
--maxpendpeers "0" Maximum number of pending connection attempts (defaults used if set to 0)
--etherbase "primary" Public address for block mining rewards. By default the address of your primary account is used
--gasprice "10000000000000" Sets the minimal gasprice when mining transactions
--minerthreads "4" Number of miner threads
--mine Enable mining
--nat "any" NAT port mapping mechanism (any|none|upnp|pmp|extip:)
--natspec Enable NatSpec confirmation notice
--nodekey P2P node key file
--nodekeyhex P2P node key as hex (for testing)
--rpc Enable the JSON-RPC server
--rpcaddr "" Listening address for the JSON-RPC server
--rpcport "8545" Port on which the JSON-RPC server should listen
--shh Enable whisper
--vmdebug Virtual Machine debug output
--protocolversion "60" ETH protocol version (integer)
--networkid "0" Network Id (integer)
--rpccorsdomain Domain on which to send Access-Control-Allow-Origin header
--verbosity "3" Logging verbosity: 0-6 (0=silent, 1=error, 2=warn, 3=info, 4=core, 5=debug, 6=debug detail)
--backtrace_at ":0" If set to a file and line number (e.g., "block.go:271") holding a logging statement, a stack trace will be logged
--logtostderr Logs are written to standard error instead of to files.
--vmodule "" The syntax of the argument is a comma-separated list of pattern=N, where pattern is a literal file name (minus the ".go" suffix) or "glob" pattern and N is a log verbosity level.
--logfile Send log output to a file
--logjson Send json structured log output to a file or '-' for standard output (default: no json output)
--pprof Enable the profiling server on localhost
--pprofport "6060" Port on which the profiler should listen
--solc "solc" solidity compiler to be used
--help, -h show help

flag provided but not defined: -genesis


see below the details of the specific version of geth I am using

Stefanos-MacBook-Pro:Ethereum stefano$ geth version

Welcome to the

Version: 0.9.19
Protocol Version: 60
Network Id: 0
Go Version: go1.4.2
OS: darwin

I am on a MacBook Pro OSX 10.10.4


  • sclopitsclopit Member Posts: 10
    clarification: the command I *actually* invoked was

    geth --genesis genesis_block.json console

    from the directory where the previously computed file


  • sclopitsclopit Member Posts: 10
    I upgraded to geth client 1.0.0 but still failed to load the genesis block for the following reasons:

    Stefanos-MacBook-Pro:~ stefano$ geth version
    Version: 1.0.0
    Protocol Versions: [61 60]
    Network Id: 1
    Go Version: go1.4.2
    OS: darwin
    Stefanos-MacBook-Pro:~ stefano$ cd Ethereum/
    Stefanos-MacBook-Pro:Ethereum stefano$ ls
    caches genesis_block.json
    Stefanos-MacBook-Pro:Ethereum stefano$ geth --genesis genesis_block.json console
    I0805 05:08:50.192695 2738 flags.go:378] WARNING: No etherbase set and no accounts found as default
    I0805 05:08:50.215721 2738 backend.go:289] Protocol Versions: [61 60], Network Id: 1
    I0805 05:08:50.954885 2738 backend.go:301] Successfully wrote genesis block. New genesis hash = d4e56740f876aef8c010b86a40d5f56745a118d0906a34e69aec8c0db1cb8fa3
    Fatal: Blockchain DB version mismatch (2 / 3). Run geth upgradedb.

    Fatal: Blockchain DB version mismatch (2 / 3). Run geth upgradedb.

    Stefanos-MacBook-Pro:Ethereum stefano$ geth upgradedb
    I0805 05:09:27.568763 2740 chaincmd.go:137] Upgrading blockchain database
    I0805 05:09:27.724701 2740 chain_manager.go:251] Last block (#0) d4e56740f876aef8c010b86a40d5f56745a118d0906a34e69aec8c0db1cb8fa3 TD=17179869184
    I0805 05:09:27.728347 2740 cmd.go:238] Exporting blockchain to /Users/stefano/Library/Ethereum/blockchain_2_20150805_050927.chain
    I0805 05:09:27.728460 2740 chain_manager.go:333] exporting 1 blocks...
    I0805 05:09:27.728575 2740 cmd.go:247] Exported blockchain to /Users/stefano/Library/Ethereum/blockchain_2_20150805_050927.chain
    I0805 05:09:27.728848 2740 database.go:149] flushed and closed db: /Users/stefano/Library/Ethereum/blockchain
    I0805 05:09:27.729037 2740 database.go:149] flushed and closed db: /Users/stefano/Library/Ethereum/state
    I0805 05:09:27.729302 2740 database.go:149] flushed and closed db: /Users/stefano/Library/Ethereum/extra
    Fatal: Could not start chainmanager: Genesis not found in chain

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