[FORHIRE] C++ Developer

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I'm a C++ developer with 15+ years experience. I do cross platform code, networking, UI, audio/video streaming, p2p networks.
I also develop mobile apps on iOS and native Mac apps.
Besides C++, I'm fluent with Javascript (+CoffeeScript) and Objective-C and a bit of Lisp (Clojure, Scheme, Racket).

I am familiar with the blockchain technology and bitcoin on an architectural level and have contributed 1 character to the bitcoin project :smile: .
Ethereum is new to me (although I know about it since the very beginning) and I 'm researching it at the moment and should have an understanding in a short time.

Given my experience and versatility, I can help you implement and grow your idea from abstract thought to quality code in a short amount of time.

PM me for more details.
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