New testnet?

Is there a new testent? If so, how do I set up my client/genesis and connect to it?


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    Hi @Berken,

    We expect to let the Olympic Testnet run for a while longer to assist with the Olympic rewards program. Also, we should be spinning up a new large testnet in the next couple of weeks for dev work/experimentation.

    Update from Gav: "we'll decommission olympic over the next week or two. set up a new testnet with a 2^200 contract & a web-based faucet" :)
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  • berkenberken Member Posts: 3
    Okay. Which version of geth should I be running to join the olympic testnet? Anything before 1.0.0?
  • simenrangersimenranger Member Posts: 24
    How do I connect to the old testnet now? I need to send an transaction to get the reward, unfortunately :( is it supposed to be "eth --olympic -b" ?
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