Frontier launch: a few last minute notes


  • daylightdaylight Member Posts: 5
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    The key A to key B on the testnet is confusing to me. I have, hopefully, some Olympic rewards to collect from key A but how do I access the testnet now? That is how do I switch between testnet and Frontier as I deleted the Olympic blockchain many weeks ago due to its size and the new geth expects the genesis block? If I have previously upgraded key A to the new format "UTC..." can that be used on Frontier? Any help appreciated. Thanks.

    Congrats to the team!
  • RiskyFireRiskyFire Member Posts: 18
    Can I GPU mine on Frontier? The information contradicts itself, it says no but then proceeds on how to gpu mine.

    "Both GPUs and CPUs are supported. The GPU advantage over CPUs is roughly 100x. We're currently working on a Geth GPU implementation, which is experimental and won't be part of Frontier."
  • levilevi Member Posts: 11
    Same problem as Daylight.

    I deleted my Olympic blockchain many weeks ago. I have now upgraded to the latest GO version. How do I sync back to the testnet to send the transaction you are requesting? I assume that would also require re-downloading 1 million blocks... (even so, it is requesting a genesis block when launching geth)

    At the same time I am trying to begin the Frontier launch... this is a nice wrench to throw in the gears at the last moment. Will any account A's WITHOUT transactions still be credited at a higher risk level or....
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    It should be a solution without restoring the Olympic blockchain. I would suggest you sending 1ETH to all the Olympic addresses first. Then the miners can make the sending tx to a new Frontier address ( in the Frontier blockchain ). Then after some time you send the rest of the reward ether to the new addresses or to the same if miners did not create the tx. The important is it is all happens in the Frontier blockchain.
  • ledgerwatchledgerwatch Member Posts: 57
    I tried to restore test-net for the same purpose, and even managed to get test-net Genesis downloaded, but now I do not get any peers, nobody seems to be on the testnet anymore.
  • StephanTualStephanTual London, EnglandMember, Moderator Posts: 1,282 mod
    @RiskyFire: that information is still valid, both are supported, but of course GPUs have a major advantage.

    @levi, @ledgerwatch : I recommend using the C++ client to sync, it takes less than 5h to do so. Over the weekend we had a single laptop GPU miner mining everyblock (since then been turned off), so the difficultly should be low enough for you to enabling mining for a few minutes and get your trx through.
  • ledgerwatchledgerwatch Member Posts: 57
    Thanks Stephan. I am giving C++ client a try, but it still cannot sync - it gets bounced off the Frontier nodes complaining that the genesis hash is wrong, and when it finds an Olympic node, that node responds with "Disconnect (reason: Peer had too many connections". Does not look to me that it is making any progress :(
  • ledgerwatchledgerwatch Member Posts: 57
    Now I am able to synchronize with the testnet (I am trying to keep my eth running so that others can synchronize quicker). I even managed to mine 1 block :) But now I cannot send that A->B transactions. the web3.eth.sendTransaction() keeps returning me 0x000000000...000, which I assume is not what I want.
    I reckon it is something to do with the fact that my web3.eth.accounts() function returns one account, which is different from both coinbase (which has test ether), and what I pass to "eth" in --sign-key (which is the same as coinbase). Now I need to figure out what is going on with these accounts.
    And it looks like noone else has managed to mine anything after my block...
  • ledgerwatchledgerwatch Member Posts: 57
    Looks like I have to give up on this... My problem is that use geth for Olympic and now I used "eth" to synchronise with it, but cannot figure out how to migrate the keys from one to another. I hope there is another way, I have spent quite a lot of time on trying this A->B transfer, which turns out to be far from trivial, unfortunately.
  • StephanTualStephanTual London, EnglandMember, Moderator Posts: 1,282 mod
    Sorry only read this.

    If you wish to switch clients:

    - From eth to geth, you can just copy the key files accross their respective ~/.ethereum/keystore directories.

    - From geth to eth, eth will require them to be managed before they’re useful. For this use ethkey --import

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