pause when new block mining

bubilasbubilas Member Posts: 13
so, when in windows 7 x64 ethminer.exe mining block(start with parametrs: ethminer.exe -G -t 6), and after I see that is'nt mining rig about 3 seconds for each cards.
!   13:42:55|main  pause 3.141 s
 i  13:42:55|gpuminer0  workLoop 1 #00000000тАж #00000000тАж
!   13:42:58|main  pause 3.145 s
 i  13:42:58|gpuminer1  workLoop 1 #00000000тАж #00000000тАж
!   13:43:02|main  pause 3.16 s
 i  13:43:02|gpuminer2  workLoop 1 #00000000тАж #00000000тАж
!   13:43:05|main  pause 3.142 s
 i  13:43:05|gpuminer3  workLoop 1 #00000000тАж #00000000тАж
!   13:43:08|main  pause 3.15 s
 i  13:43:09|gpuminer4  workLoop 1 #00000000тАж #00000000тАж
!   13:43:12|main  pause 3.153 s
 i  13:43:12|gpuminer5  workLoop 1 #00000000тАж #00000000тАж
so, i lose about 19 seconds before rig is mining new black. What is it?
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