Why such small differences between the various R9 GPUs?

timstims Member Posts: 21
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Can anyone explain why the difference in mining performance (between te R9 GPUs) is so small? GPUs which have huge performance differences in gaming benchmarks. Could it be possible that the mining software will be improved in the near future so that it will make better use of the newer GPUs? Or do these new cards just have expensive gaming features which have no use in mining?

280x - 22MHs (230Eur)
290x - 25MHs (390Eur)
390x - 26MHs (480Eur)
Fury - 26MHs (850Eur)


  • skithunoskithuno Member Posts: 74
    Wow, do not pay 230 Euro for a R9 280x! Just back away!
    price difference b/w 390 and 290 is due to 2x ram in the 390. This won't be useful on the ether network for around 3 years and hopefully we'll have switched to Proof of Stake by then.
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