Connecting to other public nodes?

Please forgive if this is a silly question, but I complied eth, executed it and it's not doing much.

$ ./eth -o full -u [MY_PUBLIC_IP] -x 256 -l 30303 -v 9 -m on
Opened blockchain db. Latest: 2413669af0085bd5d38231482416e77db547add9443c5c28e2fa9a7dde8b4860
Address: = [LOCAL]
TB : init_upnp()
Listening on local port 30303 (public:
Mode: Full
Initialising: latest=2413669af0085bd5d38231482416e77db547add9443c5c28e2fa9a7dde8b4860
<<< [ 0x10 ]
<<< [ 0x10 ]

And then I strace()'d it and it does only nanosleep():
nanosleep({0, 100000000}, NULL) = 0
nanosleep({0, 100000000}, NULL) = 0

Doesn't look like it's bootstrapping or connecting to other nodes, or mining...
Does ./eth need to connect up to another public existing node? Do public nodes exist? How to bootstrap it?
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