DApp-crowdsale-start-up-kit (with one chain per DApp)

b0risb0ris Member Posts: 7
I'm thinking about launching a crowd-sale for a DApp, boot up a blockchain, pre-mine some gas, and sell the gas. Has someone developed a package that automates this ? Some type of DApp-startup-kit ?

If not, I might as well develop it since I'm going to be using it anyway and I hate not automating stuff that could be automated.


  • roz303roz303 Member Posts: 66
    We should work on it together! I'm wanting to offer similar stuff. If you'd like, let's collaborate over email - orangecalx01 at gmail dot com.
  • b0risb0ris Member Posts: 7
    @roz303 hi sorry for delayed reply. i've signed up for another project which will take up all my time for the near future, and won't have time to work on my DApp-idea, so I won't be building a startup-kit for it.
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