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My name's Paul and I'm one of the founders of the Unitary Dollar Status eCoin (USDe) project, which was born on Sunday 3 weeks ago. This is one of the more popular projects to hit the bitcointalk forum and we have managed to create a very strong & devoted community of supporters. Our Web Site is currently being re-deployed; however more info can be found here:

Below this post you'll find an unedited write-up, or a blog with the philosophy and marketing method that will be used to power USDe. In short, though, we are looking to become the satirical, educating and entertaining money related news hub, which draws people away from fiat and into using cryptocurrencies, preferably USDe of course.

It appears that the USDe Coin's developer was too egotistical to be told what to do and when to do it (which was his interpretation). He was not proactive in the project's development and was offended when asked for status updates. I had to ping him repeatedly and ask him to treat this project with a higher priority, to no avail. Most recently, he had stopped responding completely, which leads me to believe that he is attempting to abandon ship. I have asked him to return 5MIL USDe, which can be used to fund a replacement DEV, and to provide his GitHub credentials. I am hopeful that he responds, but I am here with this post in the event he doesn't.

The source code was initially based on a fork of DigitalCoin, and has been modified to fit the USDe's total coin supply, difficulty retarget and bonus block amounts. Most recently, QR code functionality was added:

I am looking for a senior-level DEV, who would like to jump into and commit to working closely with me and other team members to reach our target per USDe value of $10 / 1 USDe. This is ambitious, but not unachievable. It will take a lot of time, innovation and effort, but we have a lot of 'tricks' up our sleeve without having to engage any sort of artificial pumps.

The DEV should preferably be:
* Emotional baggage-free
* Have a sense of humor
* Have actual time to devote and stick to update release deadlines, to ensure that public updates/news releases are actually valid
* Be U.S.-based (I am in EST, Massachusetts)
* An adult in his 30-40's
* Full of energy and ideas to help drive development of innovating sites and services for USDe
* Able to manage other people and initiatives
* Of course, familiar with cryptography, with ability to compile and customize a Windows Wallet

The very first task is to:
* Re-skin the current wallet
* Change the splash screen
* Change the logo within the wallet to match our current one
* Enable QR Code functionality within the Windows wallet
* Share ideas on how to best handle source code in the event that we do not get credentials to /USDE/USDE from the current DEV who is AWOL and not responding.

What's in this for you? This will be negotiable. I will share some of my personal USDe and we will get the community to hold a fundraiser to get you 5MIL USDe at a minimum. Remember, we will make our own success -- and having worked with a lazy DEV with an ego problem, we know exactly who we need to drive USDe forward.

If interested in working together, for the quickest response, please e-mail [email protected]

Here's the write-up (again, submitted by the community, so it's not pristine until I have a chance to edit / fix it):
The Unitary Status Dollar eCoin, also known as USDe is quickly becoming a serious cryptocurrency contender on the ever-growing scene of meaningfless cloned-joke-coin projects.  USDe's strongest asset, aside from its global name recognition and strong community of supporters, is in the fact that it brings something fresh to the table -- a currency with a mission, to educate, entertain and bring about a massive adoption of cryptocurrency to the regular middle-class household, which is unaware that alternate forms of payment even exist.  

Imagine if you could travel the world, purchase your airline tickets, food and pay for hotel expenses without having to worry about Forex exchange rates between the different countries?  Imagine a world in which people and not crooked politicians or greedy bankers decide true value and the mode of payment they will use?  Unlike most of the world's fiat currencies, USDe is debt free, has a hard circulation limit and is powered by and for honest, hard-working people.  

Many have been increasingly worried about the recent tremendous growth in supply of U.S. Dollars, and since the USD is still considered to be the world's reserve currency we thought it is worth mentioning this tidbit, especially since USDe promises to compete with FIAT.  A growing number of credentialed industry experts firmly believe that the fiscal policies of the out-of-control Federal Reserve in the U.S. will bring the global economy, which largely depends on the USD for international transactions to the brink of total financial collapse.  2008 was a brief preview of what will inevitably happen once the world realizes that the debt generated by adding zeros to a money's supply will never be paid off.  How valuable can one dollar truly be if there are over a trillion of them in circulation and this number is increasing exponentially? The only thing that gives the U.S. dollar and other FIAT currencies any buying power is the fact that so many people still have faith in their governments.

But as we enter this new and turbulent century, this faith is waning. 2013 marks one of the most politically dysfunctional years in recent history, and while politicians promise to play nice from now on, you can bet that there is another gridlock on the horizon for 2014.  Other big governments are no better: Russia seems trapped in a permanent, poverty-stricken caste system and Putin likes it that way; the Chinese government continues to keep an iron grip on nearly every aspect of their businesses (let's not forget that they are seeking to ban bitcoin and, by extension, all cryptocurrencies); the Euro-zone is in decline also, with record unemployment in Spain and with many economists saying that the Euro is over-valued.

With all of this stagnation occurring around the world, it really makes you wonder how fiat currencies have any credibility left.  It was recently pointed out that the United States is  "a bank with an army" and that just about sums it up, doesn't it? The only thing that really gives strength to any currency is blind belief that things will be alright and the continuation of investment in the military via an endless, and convenient war on terror.  USDe is here to start changing these troubling trends worldwide.  If the value of your paper currency has been on a steady decline, and most currency has been losing value at alarming rates, what makes you believe that your government is going to clean up their act and overnight bring sanity back, and put its citizens interest first?  It is time for something fresh -- a new approach.  We, the people can and will decide on our own what real value is, and how we will conduct our trade.

The second problem with the modern day way of performing international transactions is the time you have to wait for your transaction to be confirmed by your trade partners' bank, these international transactions can take hours if not days to complete which is just a waste of time. And as we all know, Time is Money. USDe transfers & payments in comparison take 90 SECONDS or LESS and have 0% fees!

As we all know the NSA and other Intelligence agencies are watching our every move and our payment behaviour is one of them. By using a cryptocurrency like USDe and the road map for its innovation, it'll be alot harder, if not impossible for these corporations to trck your financial behaviour.

What makes USDe so valuable is the fact that there will never be more than 1.6 billion coins or single units of USDe in circulation. As long as the Fed and other global entities continue printing money at jaw-dropping rates, the value of our independent currency by comparison will continue to rise until our message spreads across the world, and people finally realize how little value remains in government-backed FIAT -- and what great potential lies ahead for not just any cryptocurrency, but USDe.  The Unitary Status Dollar eCoin project is backed by honest, caring, responsible team of developers who will see this bright new currency through long into the future.  At the forefront of USDe is the greatest community behind a cryptocurrency that was ever created organically.  

Not as some pump-and-dump get-rich-quick scheme like so many other cryptocoins that are abandoned weeks or months after their launch, and not as a joke like doge or moon. We need USDe because we need a currency that starts from the bottom up, that gives regular working-class people the chance to be able to live comfortably and not merely survive from paycheck-to-paycheck, that forms a unified community all based around one currency that cannot be inflated whenever one colossal private bank says so.

The money supplies worldwide continue to pile up, with each USD, AUS, EUR, YEN and others plummeting in value every year, while USDe marches upward. Stable, reliable, an investment in your future and the futures of many wonderful people just like you, that's USDe - the Free People's Currency.

We are all slaves to the fiat, but USDe is the Free People's remedy for this.
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