JSRE console -- noob could some some guidance

motoaddictmotoaddict Fort Myers, FloridaMember Posts: 52
When I attach to the console things are not working as expected. For example:
> eth.pendingTransactions()
TypeError: 'pendingTransactions' is not a function
    at <anonymous>:1:1
and ...
> eth.getBalance("0x4aed8f852020e7596da9ac7f6f0b562864c48bb2") 
  c: [0 ],
  e: 0,
  s: 1,
  abs: function (),
  absoluteValue: function (),
  add: function ( y, b ),
  ceil: function (),
  cmp: function ( y, b ) ............
I'm following this guide:

What am I missing here??
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