OSX Yosemite - Missing Functions sometime after my Jun26th refresh of Geth C++ or Go 9.33

RoulRoul Member Posts: 3
Three observations/symptoms 9.33 GETH

1) Faster Blockchain Synchronisation (Yay! :) )
2) Missing admin. and eth. functions while in GETH console mode
2a) Format of "admin" and "eth" command response changed!
3) No more mined blocks, after many days of trying

-Various command on longer allowed or shortened, e.g..,
Previously: admin.miner.start(n) is NOW : miner.start(n)
-Also can not unlock account

Question : Is anyone else experiencing this or what part of the standard update via "brew" or "git clone" am I missing?


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  • RoulRoul Member Posts: 3
    Thank You Jesus .. for the insight. I clearly (kind of ) figured that mining with my "rig" was not gonna happen anymore.. but was trying to figure out (or search for documentations) that clearly noted command and function changes since 9.27/9.29 as there are a number of things that are not working as previously syntaxed.. like "unlock", unless I'm just lost in the ether .. LOL

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