Ethminer and Farm mode

I am trying to find out how to use farm mode and when. Do you need to run ethminer in farm mode if all the GPUs are connected to the motherboard or just when you are connecting multiple machines to one geth RPC server? When I do try and use -F , ethminer can never find the RPC server even though the default is set to

Also when I try to add the --farm-recheck parameter I also get a syntax error. I am typing --farm-recheck 100.

Thank you for any help. I cant seem to find anything on it.


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    Farm mode is normally used when connecting to a pool. Essentially you connect to a large group of miners and working together mine ether and you get paid your share according to your contribution. I suggest looking at

    I think the reason you cannot find the rpc server is because you must first be running "geth --rpc" locally

    If you want to solo mine with several rigs you would set geth running on a single machine then let each rig connect to the machine running the
    geth --rpc server in farm mode.

    I hope this information helps steer you in the right direction.
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