Counterpatry assets can be treated by Etheruem contracts ?

To make assets based app faster, issueing assets on counterparty and being treated by using Ethereum contracts can be one choice. However I would like to know would it be possible or if so when will it be possible to do ?
If the structure is difficult, what is the most fastest way to make token based app using smart contracts on Ethereum from nowon ?
Thank you in advance.


  • sjosephsjoseph Member Posts: 30
    I was curious on why you would not issue the assets directly on Ethereum itself? Why issue it in counterparty and then try to bridge it to Ethereum ? Will be good to understand your use-case and based on it what the limitations on Ethereum are?
  • TOMOAKI12345TOMOAKI12345 Member Posts: 12
    I don't talk about the limitation, generally the reason I would like to know is curious about interoperability and fast-production schemes. Possible use-cases are to interoperate with apps such as gems, FLDC, SWARM.
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