Artists on the Blockchain

ryangtanakaryangtanaka San Bruno, CaliforniaMember Posts: 7
Hey folks, I'm a musician/techie type of a guy looking to hook up with the ethereum/blockchain community -- after hearing that Zoe Keating was invited to the blockchain summit it kind of inspired me to get more involved.

I wrote a short article about it here:

It was mostly written towards artists as to why it could make a big difference for them in the near future, but admittedly it doesn't have a lot of technical specs that would interest some of the more engineer-minded folks that I meet. Are there any recommendations or prototypes for the types of things I've talked about here, like revenue/ownership sharing of digital mediums? Is there anything I could add that might help refine my argument a little better in the near future?

I just moved to the SF area for a startup job and have been looking to participate in some groups and events too. Any good recommendations?


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