How to debug (ethminer)? How to open the project in QtCreator?

Ethminer segfaults and I'd like to try and find a reason. (My OpenCL installation separately tests fine)

How can I get QtCreator to open the cpp-ethereum project so I can debug the program within the IDE?
Maybe this is very basic and rather a cmake question, but the latter is quite unwieldy to me, so I'd appreciate help on how to open the cpp-ethereum project in QtCreator.

Or, if that's not the way to debug ethminer, then please tell me how to do it.
I ran cmake with '-DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug' but gdb isn't very revealing. The backtrace doesn't resolve to lines in files.

I'm somewhat aware that it might also crash in the OpenCL driver, but as a starting point the above might help me.
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