Am I really mining with AlethZero?

eric_mariachereric_mariacher Member Posts: 7
As far as I can see, I successfully insatlled geth and alethzero POC8 on windows 8.1. I started to min with alethzero, and it seems to work too well: I earned 5000+ ether in 1 day for address 3c1ce9614f065c133d91f11ec7a7889518356fb3 . Questions are : Am I really mining or is it fake? How can I check it?

I tried to check on : and , but it answered that I earned nothing. Is it because we are in testing phase?

Thanks for your help.



  • Maren85Maren85 Member Posts: 41
    This has already been asked and answered a few times, no your not mining real ether.

    First of all, in the current phase of the release, the ether isn't "real" anyway, it has no value, secondly what you are mining is on your own private chain not on the public testnet. You've created your own private blockchain where you are the only member and the only miner so are free to mine every block.

    You need to let your client connect to the testnet and download the blockchain and make sure you have caught up before mining, you can see what block the testnet is on here, I can't remember exactly how you load the testnet on Alethzero, I think it's something along the lines of Network > Enable Network > Go
  • LarsPensjoLarsPensjo SwedenMember Posts: 35
    I think we are going to see this question more frequently. Maybe some support should be added to FAQ or the application, to make it easier for users to detect what the state is?
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