How i can mine on Windows 8.1

jamojamo Member Posts: 9
Hy !
I try to mine with my GPU (280x) with win8.1 but i can't find a tutorial for that...

I try to install ethminer but i can't...

I managed to install and run alethzero but not mining ...

Somebody can explain How To mine with a windows system ?
Thanks in advance


  • sly5amsly5am Member Posts: 7
    There is no stable version for any version of windows. Have patience, im sure something will become available before the serious stuff starts.
  • StephanTualStephanTual London, EnglandMember, Moderator Posts: 1,282 mod

    Future releases of Ethereum will definitely officially support Windows, especially as Go allows for portable client builds across all major operating systems.

    We’d love to support Windows as early as Frontier, and we will likely be releasing windows releases to provide the best support that we can... however we cannot guarantee it.

    Using a workaround such as Virtualbox or Vmware is probably recommended for the time being. As for mining, it is best done on Linux.
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