Cloud GPU mining with Amazon AWS EC2



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    cruxible said:

    It is doing GPU mining, mined a good amount myself this way in the first 24 hours. You should change rc.local but also use a console to miner.setEtherbase('youraddress')

    Out of curiosity, what amount did you manage to mine, and at what hashrate?

    If I understood correctly from your earlier posts, you're getting 35-36 MH/s on g2.8xlarge?
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    I followed your tutorial.
    I could successfully mine with my GPU but now my display is not working any more (I had to boot with the Intel integrated GPU instead of the NVIDIA GPU).

    Could you help me fix the broken packages ?

    Here is a picture of the nvidia installed packages :

    What do you suggest removing or installing please ?

    Does anyone know the default NVIDIA package drivers on Ubuntu ?


  • superresistantsuperresistant Member Posts: 4
    Well I found a fix.
  • terzimterzim LondonMember Posts: 41
    good job @superresistant . please post your fix although I haven't well understood your problem with the drivers.
  • SharkLasersSharkLasers Member Posts: 2
    I followed this guide and NVIDIA drivers just weren't playing along. Attempted to set up two instances; one based on @jesus666 guide and the other on @terzim. Neither worked completely but managed to get one in place by using aspects of both guides.

    Mined overnight and woke up to 8 Ether, and just one slight problem. They didn't exist! Upon attempting to send a transaction it was throwing up gas errors, so I ran the account through Etherchain to find out that it didn't register.

    Definitely not a great ROI so far!
  • terzimterzim LondonMember Posts: 41
    hi @SharkLasers . Thanks for trying the guide out. Did you try to backup your account and send it to the Ethereum guys for verification? Maybe you were on a fork?
  • SharkLasersSharkLasers Member Posts: 2
    Unfortunately I shut down the instance to prevent myself tweaking further and wasting more time :blush:

    From my research I must have been mining on a fork, it still looked to be going strong otherwise. Couldn't get the blockchain to reset so just threw in the towel.
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    I am following the instructions at

    When I get to the point of starting geth to download the blockchain ( geth --genesis /home/ubuntu/genesis_block.json ) geth will get to the line:

    I0825 15:05:14.353677 6072 ipc_unix.go:104] IPC service started (/home/ubuntu/.ethereum/geth.ipc)

    and then it just hangs forever. I let it sit like this for over two hours. When I start geth locally on my PC, geth very quickly starts downloading the blockchain, so there's clearly something amiss with the setup.

    Any insight?
  • moridinamaelmoridinamael Member Posts: 3
    So I think what eventually fixed the issue was doing a

    geth removedb

    And then starting geth again. Somehow the db was corrupted right off the get-go.
  • moridinamaelmoridinamael Member Posts: 3
    This is currently not economical at all, right? You can get about 10 MH/s on the g2.2xlarge node which costs about $0.65 per hour. This roughly translates to about 0.012 Ether per hour, at least that's about what I was getting using a good mining pool. If Ether is roughly on parity with the dollar right now ($1 ~ 1 Ether), then that's a terrible "exchange rate."
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    @terzim Hi All, I am new in Ubuntu/Linux. I have followed the steps untill

    curl -O
    When I typed
    sudo python

    it returned python: can't open file '': [Errno 2] No such file or directory

    Thanks for your assistance
  • angelomilanangelomilan Member Posts: 8

    it returned python: can't open file '': [Errno 2] No such file or directory

    Co-author here ! sorry for making you wait but I don't get notifications from this forum :)

    Anyway the problem is caused by this:

    "The genesis block has been hardcoded in the clients", so you don't need to deal with pythereum and all of the things related to genesis. I updated the guide on github. I completely cut that step and now it works like a charm (confirmed also by one other user on github)

    As for profitability... you'd better buy ether than mine especially at this (bargain) prices and if you live in a country with high costs of electricity and so on..

    The only way to make an ec2 instance less expensivsewould be making spot instances persistent (kind of) but I didn't find any help from the community. If you think you can help PM me (I 've always got all the PMs in my inbox)

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    edited September 2015

    As for profitability... you'd better buy ether than mine especially at this (bargain) prices and if you live in a country with high costs of electricity and so on..

    Where can I purchase that cheap ether?

  • angelomilanangelomilan Member Posts: 8
    Lisardo said:

    Where can I purchase that cheap ether?

    poloniex has the cheapest prices, kraken is better

  • ekqtqvwekqtqvw Member Posts: 13
    Hello, is this Amazon AWS EC2 still profitable? i mean (Eth)
  • ekqtqvwekqtqvw Member Posts: 13
    any other building rig tut? ( like 2x-- cards) etc, amazon not work well with me ;(
    by the way i have intel HD Graphics 4000 also not work with me ( -64 Eth error memory - loading DAG to start mining ...
    any idea?
  • GenoilGenoil 0xeb9310b185455f863f526dab3d245809f6854b4dMember Posts: 769 ✭✭✭
    isamamin said:

    Hello, is this Amazon AWS EC2 still profitable? i mean (Eth)

    It has never been profitable. Even with today's prices it's still more expensive than G2 spot instances
  • sksyensksyen Member Posts: 4
    Can someone tell me how to hook up the instance to mine from or ethpool?
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    I grabbed a few $1,000 AWS codes for $100 on ebay around xmas. I did pretty good.

    I have a machine state saved and set to auto boot and mine to my address (still going with the credits whenever spot price drops low enough). It should be available in the Virginia region under Ether6 or something ... just make sure you change the address. Pain in the ass to get set up ...
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    Anyone done the profitability calculation on this?

    I went here and put in 34 MH/s which shows earnings of $0.11 / hour.

    I just looked AWS pricing and a g2.8xlarge is $2.60 an hour (in US-east).

    If my calculations are correct, using AWS for this is a profitability of -$2.49 per hour. Please let me know if I am missing something.
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    @evoblade You are correct, it is in no way profitable.
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    Use good hosting.
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