GPU Mining is out, come and let us know of your bench scores!



  • RonaldongRonaldong Member Posts: 1

    First mining rig 6gpu 4gb without tuning
  • omnihaandomnihaand New EnglandMember Posts: 2
    fubly said:

    Sapphire AMD FirePro™ S10000

    what do you think about this card?

    Did anyone ever do a proper benchmark on these?
  • EthergrabEthergrab Member Posts: 15
    Xfx rx 570 4gb pulls 29.4 with bios mod.
    Xfx rx550 4gb pull 11.5 without bios mod and tuning in wattman
  • alejanff2000alejanff2000 Member Posts: 1


    8x Sapphire Nitro+ Rx580 4gb Elpida
    244 Mh eth 6100 Mh dcr

    Good afternoon ,

    Could you tell me where you found the BIOS mod for the Sapphire Nitro + Rx580 4GB to get 30 MH / s in Ethereum? I only get 25 MH / s by modifying the speed of the memory with MSI AfterBurner.

    A greeting!
  • salighiesalighie Member Posts: 1
    Hello all - newbie to mining, here.

    just finished building my first rig:
    ROG Strix Z370-E
    2x 750W PSU
    4x EVGA GeForce 1070 ti
    1x Intel i7-8700 4.3Ghz turbo boost
    8GB HyperX PC2400 DDR4

    So i've been burning the rig in, mining, testing the waters.. figuring out whattomine.

    I've looked at a couple of different algorithms, but Ethash seems to be where my rig can get most bang for my buck. it'll pay for itself in about 1.5 years if my calculations are correct.

    Using the EVGA OCX utility i've slowly, increasingly, overclocked the graphics' processor / gpu memory - until i found a breaking point (miner would complain about gpu failures)

    ok, so with gpu / memory OC'd at 1870 (+185)/ 4550 (+750) MHz respectively, at a 65% power target, i'm able to squeeze anywhere between 30-32 MH/s / GPU - total 120-125 MHs on 120Watts/GPU; Total system draw is roughly 600watts at the wall.

    I tried mining with ethminer but for some reason it was taxing the system's cpu (i7). Ultimately i decided to go with claymore's miner because it is just using the gpus and getting the same hash rate if not better than ethminer.

    Checking up on the vitals, the GPUs are each at 40 deg C, constant. they don't feel warm to the touch. But they are _at_ or over 99% utilized - constantly. I've had the rig mining like this for a couple of days now and i'm starting to get a bit concerned that i may have to call on the three year limited EVGA warranty sooner than 3 years.

    For this to be profitable, i would need to run the rig 24x7x365 at this configuration for years to come.

    so i have the following questions - seeking some guidance and hopefully a little validation

    Can the GPUs take it or will they fry early at this rate?

    What are some of the pitfalls i should be looking out for?

    Should i be dialing it down, make less profit, but reduce hw taxation to say 90%?

    If anyone would feedback some of their thoughts on this overall setup - is it over-taxed, any red flags... what can i do better?

    Thanks in advance.

    Here are some screenshots

  • SkirganaitorSkirganaitor Member Posts: 14
    im running 6 msi rx580's and while undervolting them im getting between 28 MH/S and 31 MH/S, on ethereum, and like 850 MH/s while dual mining for decred
  • JahuriJahuri Member Posts: 3
    Ethereum Community Forum
    Skirganaitor commented on GPU Mining is out, come and let us know of your bench scores!
    Check it out:
  • jetpackjetpack Member Posts: 87
    salighie said:

    Hello all - newbie to mining, here.

    So i've been burning the rig in, mining, testing the waters.. figuring out whattomine.

    I wouldnt mine what gives you the most hashrate or "whattomine" Mine the coin with the most potential in the future. So lets say ETH, right now it might say hey you will pay off in 1 year and you get xxx profit a month but if you get 1 ETH and its worth 2k in 1 year... well you get the point. Not that ETH is the best but point your power towards the best team and technology with alot of growth in the future. Rig sounds awesome, should be fine for a long time at cool temps like that. Its designed to run at 100% as in that 100% might really be 80% its just designed to run in a specific way and under perform for longevity.. Like when your iphone battery says 5% left it really has 20% left they just calculate it correctly as not to run it down into a reducing longevity/efficiency number. So engineers test parts to a max of say 100% but then make the new consumer 100% just 80% of what their peak was for longevity.
  • c0d3xc0d3x Member Posts: 1

    This is what I got in mine, any suggestions?

    Asus R9 290 DirectCu2 OC 4GB
  • JahuriJahuri Member Posts: 3
  • lagaiphonelagaiphone SwedenMember Posts: 2
    Great Job! How ever I don't recommend over clocking the cards.

  • JahuriJahuri Member Posts: 3
    Agree like projec mining
  • breezer007breezer007 Member Posts: 2
    Linux Mint / AMD 7870 2048 MB / 0.9.22
    min/mean/max: 10.4/12.9/52.2 MH/s
    inner mean: 19.2 MH/s
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