Alethzero fails to start on Ubuntu 14.04: QtWebEngineProcess crashed with SIGABRT

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I get a GUI'fied crash report when starting the alethzero executable on the desktop:

Don't know where to begin to fix it.

Installed cpp-ethereum per wiki instructions here:

eth runs fine in terminal, but from what I understand, I need to use the GUI client to generate a coinbase address. Right now I can run the cli, & it mines- just without an address. Thus, I'm unable to collect what it generates.

Could use some help.
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    I got Alethzero installed to my Windows box, and forwarded port 30303 to it, but it doesn't connect. I don't care so much about that since I only want to use it to generate a coinbase address to enter as an argument on the CLI version of cpp-ethereum on my linux box.

    Problem being that I can't see or copy the entire address from the little box in the upper left corner of the GUI.

    I looked in AppData/Roaming/Ethereum for a text file which would show the address, but I don't find anything useful.

    On the linux box running the CLI version, I had to disable uPnP & define an external IP address before it would start mining. I don't see where to do this on the Win32 GUI. I think that's why it won't connect.

    All I want is the coinbase address to use with the CLI client on linux.

    Could someone let me know how to do this?

    This is what the Alethzero GUI looks like on Windows:
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