I saw that IBM video, and wonder how to connect hardware to the blockchain?

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Hi I was amazed by the video from IBM and want to know how it works, since I'm really new to this stuff. Please forgive me if I mess everything up in my question, since I don't yet exactly understand this contracting thing :(

- How is a hardware (a fridge in the video) identified by the blockchain? Do I store a 'wei' and a contract in a RFID-chip for example to identify it?
- How does the hardware connect to the blockchain?
- How does the blockchain know, there is a harware 'online'?
- If the blockchain detects somehow that there is a hardware connected to the blockchain, can I write a contract, so that the hardware makes an authorized client somewhere else, that is also connected to the blockchain and 'sees' that hardware in a block, to execute a code stored in the contract (eg. SQL, or a programm)?
- Any hints how to do such if possible or where to find instructions?

Tx for your patience :)


  • LarsPensjoLarsPensjo SwedenMember Posts: 35
    I am somewhat new to this, but here is my take on the problem: The fridge needs SW connected to Internet. When the fridge decides it needs service, it will trigger a contract you have defined on the blockchain. The fridge need to save a private key to sign transactions, and it will need access to resources (funds on the blockchain) to pay.

    There are more steps that other can clarify better:
    • You, as contract owner, may want to ensure only a known set of fridges can trigger it.
    • When the contract is executed, a mechanism is needed in the "real world" to initiate the corresponding action. But it could also be that the transaction transfer a fee directly to the organization that will do service, or whatever.
  • GeorgeHallamGeorgeHallam Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 229 admin
    Hi @mik,

    That's a lot of questions! Would you like to have a call and we can discuss your ideas?

    Feel free to add me on Skype - george_hallam.
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    Check out the new raspberry pi distribution on github - https://github.com/ethereum/wiki/wiki/Raspberry-Pi-instructions . On that device you could connect actuators (switches, thermometers, etc...) and run your contract interaction code.

    Probably IBM probably has a more sophisticated implementation, but for you and I this would be a great place to start.

    Intel Edison would be a pretty cool device to get this going on as well, but you'd need their breakout board to connect the same actuators.
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