timestamped video to prove it was recorded live without editing

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it might be possible to create an app that uploads video directly to a blockchain, and that proves that it's live. maybe the app could run on the blockchain too.

thoughts ?

I read on Peg a video timeline to the blockchain that the block-time on old blockchains was too long, but with a 12 second blocktime on ethereum...

it would be awesome to be able to prove an event took Place. the quality doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to be sufficient enough for proof


  • eric22eric22 Member Posts: 12
    proof of live recording (audio, video... any input)

    combined with proof of location

    could be used to redo this experiment,
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    You couldn't prove the video was live. You would only prove it was recorded prior to that date. You easily switch the data you send to the blockchain to a recorded video.
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    with some form of algorithm ? where 1 uncompressed frame is recorded on the blockchain, and then the recording-app recieves a hash, and embeds it in the new frame that's uploaded 12 seconds later, and then send a new hash to the app

    if it includes the hash in the camera/audio/external input in some way ? so that there's a trail of hashes running through the frames, similar to a blockchain ?

    and only like the right Nonce could generate the right next frame, and it'd be really hard to fake it

    and then there could be another layer on top of the still-frames with 12-second intervalls, some YouTube-esque interface that overlaces the original video from some cloud storage. you'd have the proof, and the video

    just thinking out loud, trying to birth the concept of proof of live recording
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    Unfortunately, I don't see how it is possible to account for pre-recorded videos played "live," as @ethereum1 points out.

    Have a thought experiment: Suppose I took a recording, edited it, and played it several hours later on a tiny screen right in front of a webcam (or the player's output is wired directly into the webcam's input, say). Even if I could prove that the webcam was broadcasting this specific footage at that specific time, I can't prove that I haven't messed with the webcam at that time.

    Satoshi in the bitcoin genesis block quoted a news headline, proving he had not generated it earlier. However, the actual data of the block (the initial coins and first address) could have been created at any time before.
  • steveraffnersteveraffner Member Posts: 3
    Maybe recording the gps position + environment (carriers signals) + some informations from different sensors (temperature, humidity, pollution etc...) as well as timestamp during the recording of the video (in a smartphone) ?
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