Progressive Equity by Andrew Mason (Groupon founder)

manuel_velezmanuel_velez Medellín, ColombiaMember Posts: 14
I recently came across a a blog post on HackerNews by Groupon founder Andrew Mason, which described an nobel wealth distribution idea.

The basics are simple:
- founders commit to be taxed at 50% (this could be changed) beyond their previously established FU$ (fuck you money) threshold aka "financial independence" threshold.
- For the purpose of the narrative, they set their FU$ threshold to 50 megadonks.
- When a liquidation event (IPO, merger, major sale) takes place, all the founders' wealth beyond the FU$ threshold gets taxed at 50%, and the proceeds get redistributed to all employees in the company.

This is by no means a plain vanilla contract, or one that every organization should jump on. But it is certainly a nobel invention coming from someone that has been on the fairer side of a liquidation event (Groupon @ IPO).

Having said that, it would be great to build the smart-contract version of this, and see if any DAOs would like to abide by it.

ps: I can't fully figure out how a liquidation event would work on a popular DAO. Anyway. Food for thought.
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