sendTransaction with value

Hi there - I am part of a group doing our bachelor thesis on Ethereum, and we're making a proof-of-concept client as part of that. I have created a smart contract, and it seems to work in alethzero and on my javascript html GUI so far.
However, I am trying to send a transaction to my contract using web3.eth.contract.sendTransaction().functionName(). (Does that make sense? I'm basically doing this: JsAPI)

My function needs to check that a correct amount of finney has been sent with the transaction, but I cannot figure out how to send this with the transaction. Do I really need to encode the sender and receiver in json too, and then add the value?

Thanks for your reply
- a newbie


  • jedimalonejedimalone Member Posts: 8
    So, I did create a json object and passed it to the transaction, and now it warns me of the price, but it sends no transaction when I click allow. Is it better to only use sendTransaction directly on web3.eth instead of a contract?
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