Best OS?

salhadaarsalhadaar Member Posts: 26
Hi there, I have a Rackspace server that I can reformat to some test Ethereum mining. I won't have a graphical interface however, it's just command line.

Shall I go with Ubuntu 13.10 (I don't have the option of 13.04), or would a different OS be recommended? I saw Ubuntu was the OS used in the build guide on the website, just double checking.

EDIT - I'm using CentOS right now, and quite familiar with it, but it's a PITA if you want to use latest software packages (for instance, CMake 2.8 or higher is required. You are running version 2.6.4!)


  • springspring Member Posts: 12
    I've installed it on Ubuntu 13.10 and got an error at last step trying the run the client GUI.
    But other people also have the 'core dumped' error.
  • salhadaarsalhadaar Member Posts: 26
    That's odd. I now have it on two machines, both with Ubuntu 13.10. The one with the desktop is giving me a cannot find libethereum/Client.h error (the first time I got core dumped, not sure what changed). The remote server without the desktop works fine.
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