Digital token or cryptocurrency only between DAOs or Smart Contracts

Hi there,

Is it possible to do provide service to human without any CryptoCurrency by DAO?

As CryptoCurrency is a fuel to Blockchain, no single transaction can be done without CryptoCurrency. There has to be some amount transacted to fulfil the service order etc.

I was thinking if there was any way where humans don't need to have any CryptoCurrency, but Smart Contracts and DAOs only use it to make the services run.

Example: Human uses Uber like DApp, calls a ride controlled by DAOs, drives the person to destination and car leaves for next job. All operations in it handled by DAOs and Smart Contracts. Human doesn't even think about any payment in between.

I am not really sure if such thing could be possible with existing DAO technologies or by the ones in development (Seems like not possible).
If not with existing Blockchain technologies, then is it possible that there could be a Blockchain designed the way it doesn't ask anything to user for any kind of payment, but only between DAOs and Smart Contracts?

Think of such blockchain not for everybody, but for a wide spread established non-profit organisation branches.
Or just think in terms of RBE.

Cheers! :)
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