ethereum account new fails

tglaunertglauner New YorkMember Posts: 4
I am on ubuntu 14.04 and pulled latest go-ethereum.

When I execute 'ethereum account new' I get the following error"

[email protected]:~/go/bin$ ethereum account new
+++ genesis +++
Root: 7e204dc9cfb7acdf062ff0b8052f7fcb0b7e6593754773967932ce458d134af3
Hash: 32d9162f861a01bc8274e70b3cdb9d688fd7d8566f2f8c25cf1a882f244081c4
2015/03/26 14:28:06 [CHAIN] Last block (#1728) 3e518c77cf4d54b92aaabda470cd121144394087c590018e6e54d2b1ad23031a TD=218274807
2015/03/26 14:28:06 [CLI] Main address a002256acc2300c34f5509380583ae84ca718671
2015/03/26 14:28:06 [CLI] Starting Ethereum(G)/v0.8.6/linux/go1.2.1
2015/03/26 14:28:06 [P2P Server] Starting Server
2015/03/26 14:28:08 [P2P Discovery] Listening, enode://c2edc6a7264e7f52f8e9a9c3ce15c30585edaeb112eae7bb784dd8159801df458[email protected][::]:30303
2015/03/26 14:28:08 [Blockpool] Started
2015/03/26 14:28:08 [P2P NAT] mapping error: no devices discovered
2015/03/26 14:28:08 [P2P Server] Listening on [::]:30303
2015/03/26 14:28:08 [SHH] Whisper started
2015/03/26 14:28:08 [SERV] Server started
2015/03/26 14:28:08 [CLI] open account: no such file or directory
[email protected]:~/go/bin$

Could you please let me know how I can resolve the two issues:
1) [P2P NAT] mapping error: no devices discovered
2) [CLI] open account: no such file or directory
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