Trying To Increase Hashrate

William1William1 Member Posts: 1
I am trying to increase my rig's hashrate.

Initially, I attempted to do such, by overclocking my cards, via EVGA's Precision X1. Yet, after experiencing a small increase, Nanopool encountered problems. So, there seems to be a limit to overclocking.

When I sent to Support the following email:

" How can I employ "-strap" to increase my hashrate?

According to the Readme!!!.txt: "Straps are sorted by intensity, i.e. "-strap 1" supports higher memory clock than "-strap 2", etc. For the best hashrate you must also set high memory clock, so "-strap 1" is a good start point for tests.""

Support responded:

"We did not test this functions, so I have no idea what number you need to use with this function. You can try to contact other users of your miner on mining forum to sort this out."

So, here I am! :/

Any thoughts on this subject?

Has anyone had any success, with "strap..."?

Please respond.

- William
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