Problem using -strap in Claymore Miner v15.0

zz0622zz0622 Member Posts: 2
Hi Guys,

I've just upgraded from Claymore v12.0 to v15.0 and got problems using the -strap parameter.

When I add "-strap 1,0" in batch file and runs it, it shows "Driver is in use, try to start miner with "-driver uninstall" parameter".

I try to add "-driver uninstall" in the file and runs it but it shows it require Administrator to access it.

I add "runas /user:Administrator" in batch file but it just can't run appropriately and close the window rapidly.

I also try to set the EthDcrMiner64.exe to always ran as Administrator still the same results.

My cards are gtx1070 with latest driver version 436.3 in Win10 64bit

May anyone please let me know how can I solve this problem?

Thank you for the kindly help.
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