Request: Original BIOS Asus RX580 dual OC 4gb Elpida

Arth3kArth3k Member Posts: 2
Hello people,

I humbly request your original bios for my Asus RX580 dual OC 4gb Elpida.

I tried to use this one :
But i get poor fps on one game i tested: Metro exodus 1920x1080 Very high~ 40 fps with 8gb ddr3 and 2500k
Also i tried to go to but i can't access the site for some reason. On reddit found nothing, here not

Please spare some minutes and upload your original bioses here, also for others that might have the same card as me.

Because i'm trying to build a gaming computer for my little cousin using one of my rx580 Asus Dual OC 4gb Elpida card,
and at this point i'm desperate.

Thank you all,
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