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Official Website: https://simplemining.net

WHAT IS SimpleMining OS ?
SimpleMining OS is plug and play operating system for mining most of cryptocurrency coins.
No more messing with Windows, drivers, TeamViewer, etc.
All you need is just to download our OS image, write it to any (USB/SSD/HDD) drive, set your email address and boot it.
All your rigs can be managed with just a few clicks in web browser on cloud dashboard.

Youtube: See how simple it is on 35 second video Trailer

- easy for everyone who can build PC !
- very popular mining operating system (thousands Facebook followers and videos on youtube)
- full functionality via cloud dashboard from anywhere on Earth
- support for Nvidia/AMD GPU's - overclocking and undervolting
- automatic updates that gives You access to newest features
- lot of miners/algorithms to choose and constantly updated
- ability to use properly prepared custom miner package
- all informations on one page such as hashrate, GPU temperature, fan speed and many others
- console with live view of what miner is currently doing
- live support via chat or email helpdesk
- fully configurable options what and where your rigs should be mining (you choose your own options and pool)
- telegram (instant messenger) notifications about offline rigs
- alert when some GPUs are missing (broken riser)
- alert when rig reboots too often
- assigning rigs to "Group Config" with the same mining options
- assigning rigs to "Group OC" with the same overclocking settings
- remote reboot/shutdown rig actions or miner reloading
- possibility to connect to rig via ssh locally ora via integrated web ssh console
- 99.99+% uptime, servers located in Amazon AWS and protected by Cloudflare and managed by certified AWS partner
- and much more

- AMD GPUs RX400/RX500/VEGA/Radeon VII series or NVIDIA GPUs
- USB/SSD/HDD drive at least 7GB
- internet connection (DHCP)
- Ethernet network card

You can try one rig for free for 3 days!
After that price is 2$ per rig per month
If you have 50+ rigs then 10-50% discounts will be applied to your account automatically
You can pay using BTC, LTC, ZEC, ETH, ETC.
We currently do not accept Credit Cards or PayPal as they have big fees and we do not like them.
Rigs* Price**
1+ 2.0$
50+ 1.8$
100+ 1.6$
250+ 1.4$
500+ 1.2$
1000+ 1.0$
* - Discount level calculated based on number of your online rigs in last 24 hours
** - Price per rig per month

Our live (fastest) support is on https://chat.simplemining.net/
Our email support helpdesk (slower but in some cases needed) admin [AT] simplemining.net

Custom hardware watchdog SimpleRigResetter v2 + Extension Board
In mining world, rigs sometimes can crash/hang and it might require manual reboot.
Because of that we designed and made our own device that makes those for you to give you almost 100% uptime.
This is optional device and some users buy it to have 100% sure that leaving for longer period of time will keep rigs mining even if they crash Smiley
If your rigs will be crashing hanging too often then you can also think about that device in thread below:

SimpleMining.net Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. is legal company registered in UE/Poland. All rights reserved.

FACEBOOK: (changelog and real users ratings)

See how simple it is on 35 second video Trailer

Official Website: https://simplemining.net



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