Localbitcoins/Bitgo competitor platform Script/Codebase (Website) for sale.

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Have your own original Localbitcoins/Bitgo competitor platform with more features and more coins. Peer - to - Peer Cryptocurrency and Wallet Exchange Script/Codebase (Source Code) for sale.

I am listing an original P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange (similar to Localbitcoins but with more Cryptocurrencies integrated other than Bitcoin) and a Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet Codebase (with similar features to Bitgo) for sale at the price of $150k via escrow/in person.

- The software is written in: PHP Laravel and Blade/HTML/CSS/Javascript
- The specs (features) of the software are: Laravel application for user-escrow-user trading of supported Cryptocurrencies, supporting multiple backend wallets (BTC, BCH, Parity [ETH] & more) with an abstraction API allowing developers to add additional Cryptocurrencies. A user-system is included which allows users to sign up / login and supports two-factor authentication. Users of the system can post adverts for the trade of supported Cryptocurrencies which can then be fulfilled via a transaction processing system that places funds in escrow whilst the users handle payment, once both users agree to continue the funds in escrow are released to the appropriate user. Users are able to trade in over 250 countries worldwide using nearly 50 different payment options (more can be added). Fully responsive across numerous devices. Email confirmations for numerous options including security (transactions in/out). Users are able to search advertisements with numerous options with advanced search capabilities. Users are seen online/offline with options to chat during trades and send files (including files that are watermarked to protect user files). Instant and fast messenger between users enabled and trust based system implemented with reviews. Escrow features are enabled on the platform along with profit features (allowing site moderators to receive their commission in numerous ways). Real-time Cryptocurrency pricing and changes in price. Traders are able to post advertisements on the website, where they state exchange rates and payment methods for buying or selling over-the-counter. In-built reputation and feedback mechanism for users and an escrow and conflict resolution service. Automatic wallet addresses for privacy including transaction history and volume. Profile options including security, privacy and numerous account options. Entirely automatic process enabled for traders and buyers/sellers allowing moderators of the platform a passive income.

This is an entire exchange written by myself only. Intellectual property rights will be transferred to prospective buyer along with a contract regarding conditions of transfer. The script can be opened on a local server and requests for demonstrations are welcome. A basic front end has been produced to allow the new owner freedom to produce a front end to their own taste and to reflect their own brand. Backend is 100% complete and ready for use. Information on infrastructure and security will be given. There are running costs (infrastructure and security) as well as advertising costs if you choose that route, i've learnt through the hard way over the years that i am by no means an entrepreneur so i do what i am good at and thats freelancing hence why i regularly sell different kinds of software.

Supports: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Bitcoin Gold, Peercoin, Dogecoin and a Testcoin (allowing users to try the platform for free with a play money coin). *Platform has been produced in a way which will allow easy implementation of more than 100 coins.

For more detailed information on features you are welcome to reach out via my personal website [simongros.com], PM, mobile or Skype.

This is for sale at a one time only basis, auction will close after buyer is found, escrow will confirm.

Demo will be made to both the escrow and buyer.

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